My life is an open book: Sunny Leone


Actor Sunny Leone says that like other actors, she could also pen her life story in a tell-all book. “My life is pretty much an open book already. And it might be something I may end up doing.”

And that’s not all, she has just announced her plans of turning producer. And her first film will see her play a character with superpowers. “Unlike what is being said, I do not play a superwoman. It is a super-hero character. It is still in the development stages and we are working with cartoonists and graphic designers to get the look right. We will use my face, but besides that, nothing has been finalised as yet,” says the 34-year-old.

At a time when most female actors are turning producers, Sunny is happy to join the bandwagon. “It’s a very smart thing to do. Today, actors are a lot more involved with films and their careers in general. So, they try and grow in different directions. That’s what I want to do, too. It’s a good time to be here,” she says.

Talking about the kind of work she would want to do as a producer, she shares, “We aren’t just looking at a movie. I am looking at having a comic book series and merchandising. I am not just limiting the work to producing films. It was a natural progression for Daniel (Weber, husband) and me, and we both work well together as business partners.”


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