A cancer patient wants to meet Shah Rukh Khan, Twitter users try to help her dream come true


Anything is possible in the world of social media and Twitter users are doing everything within their online powers for Aruna, a senior citizen battling cancer and tweeting on the side about art and poetry, and her dying wish to meet the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan.

“No love is greater than the love for SRK. If I would meet him I’ll be just fine,” Aruna had apparently tweeted to her followers, media reported.

Earlier in March, Aruna tweeted about celebrating six years of being a cancer survivor, saying: “I am full of gratitude to doctors, family and friends and last but not least @iamsrk for being source of strength he doesn’t even know he is.”

Aruna’s picture with her charming smile very quickly won over hearts. Her well-wishers started a trend ─ #SRKmeetsAruna ─ in hopes of catching SRK’s attention and make Aruna’s dying wish come true.

One Twitter user drew a comparison between Shah Rukh and Aruna, saying the fans would love to see both their inspirations together.

“Hey @iamsrk – you are inspiration to zillions, just like you- our beloved @Arunapk57 is fighter-survivor and inspiration to many! Please make #SRKmeetsAruna happen!”


There’s a little sketch there too of Aruna standing with SRK!

Some are nudging other celebs to get his attention

Many are feeling nervous as time’s unfortunately running out for Aruna


We really hope this doesn’t turn out to be a Bollywood of broken dreams for Aruna!


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