“Poisoned” Maize Kills 26 Black Bucks in Telangana


26 black bucks have died after consuming insectide-laced standing maize crop in Telangana’s Mahbubnagar district. The bodies of the black bucks have been sent for postmortem and tissue samples for forensic investigation.

Farmers in the area routinely use ‘gulikalu’,local insecticide granules, to ward off wild boars, rodents and also insects, which are repelled by the strong smell of the chemical.The incident came to light on Saturday when the bodies of black bucks, a species of deer called Indian antelope, were spotted at Gummadam village, on the banks of Krishna river. Some animals were alive when they were found but later succumbed to the poison.

“As a precautionary measure, the authorities have now destroyed the crop,” Forest officer Ganga Reddy said, adding that the farmers were not allowed to cultivate in this area in the Krishna backwaters.

In an effort to check the deterioration in the population of rare black bucks, the farmers in the area have been instructed not to use any pesticide during cultivation. They also get compensation for crop loss due to black buck.


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