Algerian Sufi leader warns Iran against pitfalls


    An Algerian Sufi leader warned Iran against the enemy’s conspiracies and traps, saying that dragging Iran into a war would hurt all Muslims.

    “Some parties are trying to drag Iran into a war with conspiracies,” Khaled Bentounes, head of the Sufi order Al-Alawiya, told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in a statement. recent exclusive interview.

    Bentounes said that such a war would hurt all Muslims and that everyone should be vigilant against plots.

    “I say hello to my brothers in Iran and wish them success and warned them to try to avoid the pitfalls for them,” he said.

    The Algerian religious figure went on to say that some warmongers wish to harm Iran and Muslims.

    “That’s why I urge everyone to keep watchmakers under constant surveillance,” Bentounes said.

    He also stressed that Muslim nations should try to cooperate with each other.

    The Sufi order Al Alawiya has many followers in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Syria as well as in some European countries.


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