AMU 2nd Year Student, Mohammed Usaid Creates A Game

    Mohammed Usaid from Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh.

    By Mohammed Rafay Qadri

    With a black Lenovo laptop in his hand, Mohammad Usaid surrounded by his friends, not expected that C++ and C commands will help him to create a game. The second year student of BCA (Bachelor of Computer Science) had just invented a small (not for him) snake game. Usaid’s feat is likely to have a knock-on effect on the rest of his classmates at Aligarh Muslim University.

    The game invented by Usaid is an overlapping of images and the mixture of C++ and C commands. The game runs in an MS-DOS window at one corner of the screen. The game lapses at various points but can be considered a healthy sign of ‘go-ahead’ for a bright future. Besides this, Usaid is also working on the design of a small website as his next proposition. Unlike other small level games, this game works in a black window. The game has all the
    essential features of playing and pausing like other games. It simply works by pressing W,A,S and Z alphabets of the keyboard. The game is inviting with numberless commands left to improve it in future.

    Born to a middle-class family in Sambhal, a small district of Western U.P, Usaid is the eldest among three brothers and a sister. Since his pre-matric education, he has been studying science with a keen interest. Completing his intermediate from AMU, Usaid enrolled himself in BCA and now enjoy being a part of computer science stream. Reading and chatting are some other activities Usaid love to rejoice in.


    ”I am shocked how fast time runs during coding,” he said.
    ”Mjhe junoon hai is branch mein, ar mein kisi cheez
    ki parwah nhin krta (This branch is a mania for me, rest I don’t care),”
    said Usaid on being asked about his relationship with computer science in

    He is also the first student who formulated the game in the class and at such a basic level, expressing outstanding skills in computer science. Currently, Usaid is preparing for his semester exams approaching in the next month.


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