Calling Your Daughter ‘Princess’ Supports ‘Rape Culture’

Calling Your Daughter ‘Princess’ Supports ‘Rape Culture’-The left loves to wallow in victimhood. While we cannot and should not deny historical inequalities that have existed in America, those who continue to crusade against fictitious slights and supposed super-secret coded prejudice need to move on and get a hobby. According to feminists, calling one’s daughter “princess” is akin to supporting “rape culture,” a made-up term like “dogwhistle” or “white privilege” that is used to bully critics into submission.

You know how little girls like princesses, like to play the princess, and dress up like princesses? Familiar with Frozen mania? You know how parents, especially a doting father, sometimes calls his daughter his “princess”? Do you call your daughter a princess?

If you’re a man and you answered yes to any of the above, then congratulations, you are committing an anti-woman micro aggression against women and/or your daughter…and possibly encouraging ‘rape culture’. Shame.

But how can that be if you love women and you love your daughter? To you we say, stop asking such logical questions. Chauvinist sack of excrement, you.

Traditionally, princesses were pawned off on husbands that helped cement global alliances. Once wedded, their chief duty lie in the birthing bed, where they’d be expected to produce heirs, spares, and possibly as many children as possible.calling-your-daughter-princess-supports-rape-culture

Princesses weren’t given a choice in their selection of husbands. This is no “someday, my prince will come.” Princesses are passive, dependent on the men around them to make decisions, and used sexually in ways they don’t choose. It’s basically rape culture.

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Right, so when you refer to your daughter as a princess, you’re not saying she’s royalty. You’re not saying she’s the daughter of a line of kings or queens. You’re not saying she deserves to be surrounded by the best, have the best, or be the best. And you’re sure as hell not suggesting she should be doted upon and spoiled. No, no, calling your daughter “princess” is code for ‘rape culture’. When you call a girl “princess” what you’re actually telling her is: I hope you marry a douche like Henry VIII in another country with the soul purpose of making male children.

See this is why we can’t have nice things anymore.

But the author of this piece isn’t going to leave you high and dry in your castle, which is not surrounded by a moat or ravaged by a dragon (because those kinds of castles need gallant white knights to save them, and that’s just more patriarchy). The author suggests…

So call your kidlet “muffin.” Call her “sweetheart” or “lovey” or “dollface.” Call her “precious” or “baby-cakes” or “lovebug.” Call her “honey pie.”

But not princess. Dollars to donuts each of those words are problematic too… Refer to her as a sugary treat, or some kind of sugar term. Because sugar is better than royalty. Refer to her as “dollface” because dolls are not objects to be played with. Call her “precious” and really put her up on that pedestal. Just don’t call her princess and put her in a tower to be saved by a knight in shining armor, who wears dresses and has ladies in waiting. That’s just rape culture.

Who’s going to call Disney?

More importantly, who’s going to call this broad’s therapist?

Ladies, there is discussion to be had about relations between men and women in this world. However, if feminism is ever to be taken seriously, it’s important to weed-out the lunatics and pick and choose battles that aren’t flagrantly absurd.


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