Muslim Youth to Have “Water With Dalits”


    Tarushi Aswani for Times  –

    New Delhi- 2nd Aug’16 Tuesday
    Muslim youths have come together to join hands with Dalits with a campaign to have “Water with Dalits”.
    On July 31 Sunday, marking the second and the last day of Muslim Students’ Organisation’s (MSO) National Executive Meet, attended by students from all over the country, saw moments of acceptance of the fact that Dalits and Muslims are being targeted countrywide and this planned targeting of the two communities, as MSO stands united with its Dalit brothers and sisters.

    Shujaat Ali Quadri, General Secretary, MSO, told Times Headline, “We need to walk together to support our Dalit Brothers and Sisters and for this, we at MSO, have planned an initiative called – WATER WITH DALITS, wherein we propose to have the water that has been already consumed by the Dalits.”

    This initiative, Quadri said, would nullify the kind of humiliations they are subjected to because of the caste system. The idea of “Water with Dalits” is one of a kind revolutionary idea. Quadri also said that the kind of atrocities that are being done to Dalits and Muslims can only be answered through unity.

    “MSO is not only extending the hand of brotherhood towards Dalits but also taking this initiative to provide them their rightful place in society, because our religion of Islam teaches us that we all are brothers and sisters, be it of any race, caste, creed.” Quadri added.


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