PM Modi’s speech on Independence Day: focus on Triple Talaq, Jammu and Kashmir and cow vigilantism



India celebrates it’s 70th Independence Day on 15th August 2017, which brings back the memory of the freedom struggle that India fought for long. Marking the celebration of Independence Day, PM Modi addressed the Nation and highlighted the progress and growth that the Nation has achieved in its 70years of Independence.

A remarkable point to note this year was the short speech of 56 mins given by PM Modi as compared to 90 mins speech he delivered in 2016.

In 2016 the major focus of PM Modi’s speech was development and focused on Social justice and Social unity. He emphasized on collective efforts towards development and the core idea of development for all. He spoke about various schemes like Ujjawala Scheme, Mandi-e-Nam, Beti bachao beti padhao, and steps taken towards bio-toilets, solar -pump etc.

However, this year in 2017, the major focal point was terrorism. He spoke at length about the need to fight terrorism and India’s stance towards terrorism.

With his logo this year ‘ Bharat jodo’ ‘ Chalta hai chodo’ his major focus was on various disruptions that India faces internally and the need to unite the country. His focus on Triple talaq, Jammu and Kashmir , and cow vigilantism, brings focus on not to fight on the idea of ‘Astha’ and come together and fight against problems.

Though in 2016 , the logo He used was’ Ek Bharat, Sheshtha Bharat’ which means India is excellent as a single nation’. He did not talked about the internal crisis but about various developmental policies and the idea of unity and integrity.

In 2017, the foreign policy addresses a key point to tackle terrorism and collectively built a New India, although, in 2016, the major foreign policy initiative was to tackle poverty and built a strong nation.

In 2016, PM modi spoke about various policies and plans like Stand Up India, Jan Dhan Yojana, which found no referral in 2017. PM did not speak about the success made under these schemes is last one year.

PM Modi’s speech saw a major cut short this year. Focussing on major points, a change has been brought in the issues that were brought to concern. A major shift in foreign policy and basic aim of the nation, without addressing the previous struggle is a run through, which engages the nation in various struggles without winning any one.


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