Sunni Conference gave Fatwa against terrorism in New Delhi stadium

    Mega Sunni Conference in Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi by AITUI


    Mega Sunni Conference in Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi by AITUI

    February 8, 2016, Talkatora Stadium
    All India Tanzeem Ulamae Islam has given following memorandum

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    It says that it is representative body of Sufi Sunni Muslims of India, which is active in the area o de radicalization of Muslim youth and community engagement.AITUI clearly states that this radicalization is being spread within Muslim community like a virus by Wahabi elements funded by Petro dollars of Saudi Arabia & Qatar. AITUI wants to draw government attention towards the official reports published by Congressional Research Service of United States of America and Director General of European Union, wherein Islamic traditions of Wahabism & Salafiya are openly denounced as funders of extremism across the world. AITUI is devoted to explaining the message of peace given by the Prophet and is dedicated to creating public awareness against Saudi & Qatar funded radicalism by peaceful methods such as conferences. AITUI wants to create awareness within government systems about poisonous aspect of Petro dollar and the threat to internal security from Wahabi ideology.
    AITUI believe that Indian government should pursue its energy security goals for overall growth of Indian economy but such goals should not be linked to spread of Wahabi extremism within the country funded by Saudi & Qatar. Indian government has committed a huge blunder by continuing British policy of promoting Wahabism through government influence of Waqf and other minority institutions. AITUI wants to highlight that Wahabis elements were able to take over Sufi Mosques, Khanqahs, educations Institutions by colluding with government officers during British Raj and after independence. This blind support to Wahabis cause by the government is major reason for radicalization of Muslims funded by the Wahabi nations Saudi & Qatar.
    Indian Muslims believe that emergence of Islamic State of Syria & Iraq i.e. ISIS is part of dirty Wahabi Politics. These monsters arenot only defaming the name of Muslims & Islam but they are also destroying Islamic Heritage including Sacred Sufi Shrines and Shia religious structures. AITU wants to highlight the fact that ISIS isactive in Idnian under different names and banners. These ISIS front organization are organizing conferences, and programmes to show their presence in India to their Saudi and Qatar based funders and to assure them that they are present in India and working for the vested interests of Wahabis Monarchies of Saudi Arabia & Qatar. AITUI wants to draw attention to the fact that several radical organizations openly demonstrated to support Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. They also tried to organize a pretest rally against the visit of Fateh Al Sisi to India. We want to say that these radical organizations are working for Wahabi/Salafi objective of radicalization of youth in the name of social revolution. AITUI demand that the activities of these extremist organizations should be banned as they are working against national security. AITUI wants to state that that Wahabism is part of dirty politics and has nothing to do with Islam.

    AITUI wants to cite the example of peaceful nations such as Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Mali, Pakistan and Afghanistan, where Wahabis/Salafi elements has destroyed entire nations. Wahabis do not believe in Sufi Dargahs and destroying Sufi heritage such a Dargahs and Shia religious structures through ISIS in Iraq & Syria. Wanted Terrorism Al Baghdadi is destroying Islamic Heritage in the name of ISIS. AITUI said that ISIS version of Islam is not Islam at all and ISIS is part of Wahabi/Salafi Agenda, which is dangerous for entire world. AITUI wants it to be recorded that two years earlier same Wahabis extremists killed major Sufi thinker of India.

    AITUI is worried that Wahabis/Salafis monsters are eyeing world second largest Muslim Population of India. Indian Muslim Youth are soft target for these Wahabis who are radicalizing them with their propaganda. AITUI wants that Muslim youth should come towards mainstream and government should make policies to bring these youth to mainstream. Wahabis do not want the Muslim youth to come towards mainstream, as it will hurt their target of radicalizing the youth and gain fodder for terror machinery. Muslim youth is being forced towards these radical elements, as they feel disheartened by the spread of radical elements with government trust. This is causing them to loose faith in government machinery.

    AITUI has organized a huge gathering of lakhs of Muslims in Ram Lila Ground last year to show that AITUI stand with all peace loving Muslims and is their representative body to counter Wahabi Radicalization in India. AITUI requests that its demands should be considered with favour by the government for inclusive growth of Muslim community and allowing Indian Muslims to contribute towards nation building. AITUI believes that is imperative to save youth from radicalization and this radicalization cannot be stopped without government support.

    Education can play pivotal role in saving Indian youth from radicalization. In order to stop spread of radical ideologies it is imperative to look into Islamic Studies in government Institutions, Schools & colleges but it is also important save minority institutions of Muslims from Wahabi takeover. Therefore, AITUI demands that:
    (i) To critically examine, analyze, and evaluate the current syllabus of Islamic studies in India universities. To promote Sufi content within the syllabus and to remove extremist or Wahabi influence from the content

    (ii) Review of Study material and content by a board of renowned Sufi Leaders

    (iii) To collect comprehensive data on the Students of Islamic and Muslim world studies in Indian colleges and universities so as to enable Universities and Educational Institutions to guide these students towards mainstream

    (iv) To stop all efforts to change minority status of educational institutions with immediate effect to gain confidence of Muslim Students that government is not acting against their interest;

    (v) To organize nationwide conference and talks on Sufi cultural heritage and lives of Sufi Saints to remind Indian Muslim Youth about their Sufi heritage of peace. AITUI may not have the resources but it has essential public support to help the government in deradicalization of youth through these measures;

    (vi) To leverage the schemes of Ministry of Human Resources Development to establish and promote modern quality education centers (School, Colleges, Polytechnics, Vocational training institutes) under prominent Sufis/ Intellectuals all over the country to educate.

    (vii) To modernize Madarsas across India and make Hindi, English and Maths education a precondition for funding of Madarsas;

    (viii) To sponsor the expenses of education of Muslim students from economic weaker sections and meritorious students of other sections in acquiring education in technical, mechanical, engineering, business and computer courses, research work and other scopes of higher studies in India and abroad and also help them in receiving the benefit of scholarship schemes announced by the government.

    (ix) To ensure participation of Muslim woman in education and empowerment process in a big way.

    (x) To promote establishment of Skill Development centers in Muslim dominated areas by taking Sufi Institutions such as Dargahs, Khanqahs and Sufi Mosques in to confidence and
    (xi) Meritorious Muslim Students should be supported with scholarships and free coaching by schemes of Ministry of HRD, Minority and Universities to help them in securing government jobs and mainstream career options.


    Human Rights
    AITUI demands that Government should implement transparent procedures and policies to enforce law and order in the country. We demand strong but transparent action. We also demand that youth and Under Trial detainees should be given fast justice. And detainees under cases where detention period has crossed the maximum sentence should be freed. AITUI also demands that Courts should be instructed to give freedom to those under small criminal cases where the detainees is not able to furnish even small amount of bail on account being dirt poor.

    Waqf Property is something, which is given in perpetuity by Waqif i.e. prominent persons, Society and educational institutions for community, uses and such property is to be used in accordance with the wishes of Waqif as outlined in Waqf deed. Unfortunately, most of these Institutions have been taken over by Wahabis because of British policy of promoting Wahabism as a part of their policy of “Divide and Rule” and this policy of Wahabi support continued after Independence on account of blind decision of Independent Indian Government to follow old british policies. Wahabis extremists are now using these Institutions for radicalization. AITUI demands that:

    (i) We wish to clarify that World Waqf Foundation is an Agency created by Wahabi elements under control of Saudi Arabia and Qatar as a means to control Muslim population around the world. These Wahabi elements are at the forefront of Terrorism and creation of Conflict between Muslim and Non Muslim population in the country, which aims to convert Indian Sufi Sunni Muslims to Wahhabi ideology. We feel that the concept of NAWADCO is a deliberate conspiracy against Muslim Community to take over Waqf land belonging to Muslim Community. According to amended Section 51 of Waqf Act, 1995 (as amended by Waqf Amendment Act, 2013) wishes of endower (Waqif) have been made subservient to State Waqf Board, which is against the principles of Islam, Shariah and Waqf. We are of the opinion that provisions of Waqf Amendment Act, 2013 are unconstitutional and against the interest of Indian Muslim community. There is no provision in Articles of NAWADCO about Compliance with the Principles of Shariah and appointment of directors who are well versed in matters related to Islamic Finance and Development of Property.
    (ii) We oppose NAWADCO on account being against national as well as Muslim interests and demand that NAWADCO should be dissolved with immediate effect.
    (iii) To liberate Waqf properties from the clutches of Saudi guided/funded Wahabis /Salafis and to appoint Sufi representatives in their place. We further demand that the role-played these Waqf board members in spreading terrorism. We demand that government should ensure Proper representation of Sufis in Central Waqf Council and state Waqf boards.
    (iv) To ensure management of all Waqf properties is done according to the will of the endower, which in almost all cases belong to Sunni/Sufi Muslims having faith on the basics of Sufi culture such as offerings, advocacy, connect and veneration of Aulia Allah, Buzurgan e deen (i.e. saintly/Godly men) and their will needs to be honored by all.
    (v) To secure Waqf board managed and A.S.I protected mosques and other Muslim places of reverence and historic importance from being misused by the political appointees who are out to propagate Saudi extreme ideology under the government patronage and practically damaging the social fabric and creating chaos.
    (vi) To end the unauthorized occupation of the Waqf properties belonging to Dargahs, Masjid, Khanqahs and Madarsas, by ending the hold of Saudi/ Wahabielements and to safeguard Waqf properties and to manage them according to the spirit of Waqf.
    (vii) To save Muslim graveyards from encroachment and remove existing encroachers from the Waqf Properties.

    AITUI ants to highlight the fact that Haj committees are dominated by Wahabis supported by Saudi Arabia and Sufi representatives if any are token representatives who are not able to change anything. Political appointments to sensitive haj committee positions have caused grave hurt to Indian Sufi Sunni community and national security. AITUI demands that:
    (i) To reconstitute Central & State Haj committees and institutions with Sufi Sunni majority representation in both political and administrative positions as Wahabis influence overWaqf boards leads to undue harassment of Sufi & Shia community
    (ii) Wahabism is official religion of Saudi Arabia and their religious police Mutawwa harass Indian pilgrims as they consider Idnian Sufis as Kafir. We demand that Indian government should ask Saudi government to stop unduly forcing Idnian Sufis to perform Haj in Wahabi manner. AITUI wants to draw attention to the fact that this forced treatment and disrespect of Sufi Hajis is limited to Idnian Sufis only die to Wahabi influence over Haj Boards;
    (iii) Saudi ArabianGovernment should be specifically asked to stop harassing Indian hajis at Madina, where they are treated with disrespect and mutawwa keeps threatening to deport them and forcibly stop them from performing “Slat o Salam”. Idnian government should formally protest against Mutawwa threats and disrespect to Sufi community
    (iv) We demand that Haj committees should be audited by CAG to check corruption in Haj institutions and corrupt officers and members of Haj committee should be punished for harassing and looting poor Muslim folk.

    Global Talk
    AITUI wants to draw attention of the government towards global fight against Wahabi extremism as Indian is not the only nation facing petro dollar funded Wahabi extremism. AITUI believes that several nations are fighting against terrorism and Wahabi extremism and as fellow sufferers they are our natural allies. Therefore, AITUI demands that he programmes of these nations to counter terrorism should be studies in detail to make such measures part of Indian Minority policies


    (i) AITU believes that Fatwa issued by Mufti Taiyab i.e. the Chancellor of Al-Azhar university of Egypt (Oldest Muslim Religious Institution of the World) should be recognized in India and should be made part of Indian Muslim Laws & Policies.
    (ii) Indian should support and adopt the policies adopted by Egyptian President Fateh Al Sisi against Muslim Brotherhood.
    (iii) Indian government promote cultural exchange programme between Idnian & Egypt and should send Indian Sufis and Muslim youth to Egypt and vice versa to promote strong relations between the two nations.
    (i) AITUI supports Russian stand on Islam and acknowledges the effort of Vladimir Putin in controlling terrorism in Chechenya. Both Putin and Kadirov have succeeded in establishing peace in Chechenya without giving damn about Western Media support for terrorists. India should study and adopt the measures adopted by Russia & Chechenya to stop radicalization. Some of the measures may look extreme but they are needed to fight extremism.
    (ii) AITUI supports Russian intervention in Syria and believes that Russia has intervened to save Syrian sovereignty on specific request of Syria. AITUI requests that Indian Government should also consider supporting Assad Government;
    (iii) Youth and Sufi people should be given precedence in all cultural mutual exchange programmes to promote strong relations between both nations so as to enable them to understand the efforts taken to counter radicalization and terrorism.
    AITUI recommends that India should study the policies and steps taken by president Buzar Nishani for Islamic Affairs and such policies should be adopted in India also.

    AITUI recommend that India should study the policies and steps taken by Senegal Government with respect to Islamic Affairs and should consider implementation of such policies


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