Tauheed Raza Khan’s book “Islamic Knowledge” breaking language barriers

BAREILLY: With the growth of the Islam, Muslims and the spread about Islamic knowledge throughout the world, of course with the help of technology, there still seems to be a lag, a gap, a bridge refusing to collapse between people and language.

To bridge the gap between people and language and to spread the light and knowledge of Islam pan India, Tauheed Raza Khan has authored his latest book called, “Islamic Knowledge.

Islamic Knowledge has been composed in Hindi as Tauheed Raza Khan believes that many people, be it Muslims or Non-Muslims, due to lack of Urdu education hesitate in knowing and reading about Islam. This is the main reason that the book has been written in Hindi, published by the Tehsini Foundation, an organisation pioneering at providing religious services for propagation of Maslak-e-Ahlesunnah Wal Jama’at ( Maslak-e-Aalahazrat) since 2008.

Khan’s book has already garnered a lot of craze among readers as 6100 copies have been printed and 25000 copies have already been downloaded online.

Many teachers and professors who are well acquainted with the book say, that the book is extremely helpful in teaching about Islam to students and they themselves have also learnt many new things that make their faith even more firm and guide them towards Islam from a fresh perspective. The book delves deep into important and significant concepts in Islam such as Namaz, Fasting, following the commands of prophets,etc.

Tauheed Raza Khan is an Islamic writer and journalist, having completed his education at various madrasas of Bareilly and MJP Rohilkhand university, Bareilly. For the past four years, he has been editing and publishing, in Hindi, a religious magazine,Taiba.

He has authored more than fifty articles and compiled a few books.

Books under his authorship are: Islamic Knowledge, Asbaq-e-Ibrat, Tohfa-e-Ramzan, Al-arbaeen Fi Fazaile, Khatamin Nabiyyeen, Namaz Aur Niyaz, Meelad-e-Mustafa.

Currently he also serves as Chief Editor at Taiba Monthly, Manager at the Tehseeni Foundation, Teacher at Jamia Tehseenia Zia-ul-Uloom.

You can download your E-Book of Islamic Knowledge at http://www.tehseenifoundation.com/islamic-knowledge.html



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