Maid gets 5-year jail for tearing up Holy Quran in UAE


    A 23-year-old Indonesian housemaid, working for an Emirati family in Masfout, Ajman, was sentenced to five years in jail for tearing up the Holy Quran. The jail term will be followed by deportation.

    The Ajman Criminal court announced the conviction.

    The maid, identified as K.L., tore up the Holy Quran while she was involved in a heated argument with the wife of her sponsor.

    The maid’s sponsor told the police that the argument took place when his wife accused her of stealing some items, which the Indonesian woman denied. To convince the wife to believe her, she brought the Holy Quran to swear that she didn’t steal anything. When the housewife refused to believe her, the maid lost her temper and tore the Holy Quran to pieces.

    The maid confessed to the crime while being interrogated by the police, public prosecution and the court.


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