Yemeni army recovers control of several sites in Taiz


    Yemeni army forces and the Popular Committees launched an attack on sites of the Saudi aggression in the province of “Taiz” south-west Yemen.

    A Yemeni military source said in a statement that the Yemeni army launched an attack on the sites of aggression stationed in the area “Alazaiya” west of the province, “Taiz.”

    The statement added: “The missile force in the Yemeni army targeted the military concentrations of the Saudi aggression in the (red tibia and the perimeter of the black tibet).”

    The source confirmed in his statement that the Yemeni army has regained control of a number of military positions that were controlled by hostile forces, cutting off supply routes for the Saudi aggression forces after fierce fighting, killing and wounding dozens of Saudi soldiers, in addition to the destruction of many of their mechanisms.


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