Do you Know? How to Remove Tattoo Permanently

Do you Know? How to Remove Tattoo Permanently

Tattoo removal in Delhi, Procedure, Result, Post treatment guidelines

Do you Know? How to Remove Tattoo Permanently

Tattoo removal in Delhi has become one of the best solution amongst the youngsters and adults as well who wish to get rid of memories or are bored with their permanent tattoo.

Tattoo removal in Delhi become very popular because they are easy and have very fewer side effects, that can be treated at home.

The tattoo removal become easy if it made with black ink with the help of a high-intensity laser beam. Colors other than black can also be removed, but with the help of alternative lasers based on pigment colors.

People usually prefer Laser tattoo removal such as passive laser tattoo removal, active laser tattoo removal, a Q-switched alexandrite laser, Q-switched ruby laser removal and Q-switched Nd-YAG laser because the treatment is easy with these and also pain-free.

What is the procedure:

Preparation that is required before undergoing laser tattoo removal:

Its important to know about the preparation that is required before undergoing laser tattoo removal in Delhi.

Firstly, you must fix an appointment with an experienced dermatologist surgeon so that you can discuss your aspirations, medical history, health issues and other ongoing medications.

He/she will also conduct a physical examination so that the dermatologist can guide you properly. Aspirin and anti-inflammatory medicines must be avoided before the treatment.

Every tattoo has its own uniqueness and thus the number of sessions may vary from client to client and tattoo to tattoo.

The number of sessions for laser tattoo removal depends upon the age, size, location, and color of the tattoo along with the depth of ink in the skin.

Approx 10 to 30 sessions may be required for complete removal of a tattoo with the help of lasers.

The procedures for Laser Hair removal in Delhi using laser technique are as follows:

The patient will be given protective eye shield to avoid damage from the laser beam to secure their eyes.

The reaction of the skin to the laser beam will be tested so that the effectiveness of energy can be determined.

Laser tattoo removal can be slight uncomfortable that is why local anesthesia is administered before the treatment.

After these security process the light with a specific wavelength is passed on the upper skin surface of the tattoo so that it is absorbed by the ink. As a result, the ink breaks into minute particles that can be eliminated naturally by the natural filtering system of the body

When laser light is activated patient will feel numerous pulses. The number of pulses depends on the size of the tattoo patient has. The tattoo mark will become lighter with every session


People usually ask questions like, whether this treatment gives permanent results or it is just a temporary hide the tattoo.

We guarantee that this treatment provides you the 100% permanent results. Once the tattoo is gone means it is not going to appear again.

The body’s natural filtering system eliminates the tattoos completely though it may take some time and repeated procedures.

After The treatment:

After every session, the ice pack must be applied to the treated area. After the Laser tattoo removal Session, there are chances that you may experience some sort of bruises but this is not permanent.

The treated area must be kept clean for healing up and avoiding infection using an ointment that is prescribed by the Doctor.

The area must also be covered up properly using a patch or bandage until it heals completely.

Last but not the least, you must not scrub the treated area and neither expose to the sunlight for its proper recovery.

Laser tattoo removal in Delhi providing the best services and treatment to the clients and customers that come to us.


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