New Delhi: After facing much flak, Central Government has withdrawn the proposal to introduce oragne color passports for ECR. The Ministry of External Affairs had proposed to introduce orange colour passports for those who haven’t passed 10th grade at school. This was criticized by many because of it’s “discriminatory” aspect.

The Government took this decision after the Kerala High Court has issued notices to the central government and the Passport Authority of India over the proposal to have two different colour passports. The Ministry had announced this plan in first week of this month but it hadn’t released the details. But now, the foreign ministry said that it will not issue a separate passport to ECR.

Legal experts had also pointed out that although the plan was supposed to protect vulnerable labourers from exploitation abroad, it would instead increase the vulnerability of workers, who are often duped by middlemen who promise them jobs.

Congress President tweeted on this topic,”Treating India’s migrant workers like second class citizens is completely unacceptable.” Many others also voiced concerns over the plan. Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan said,”“The decision will discriminate between ordinary workers and educated ones.”


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