Accused of Entering Temple While Menstruating, Students Made to Parade, Strip in Gujarat College

The college, run by members of Bhuj’s Swaminarayan Mandir, strictly forbids menstruating women from entering kitchens and temples or even touch other students.

In a shocking incident, students of a girls’ college in Gujarat were made to parade through the institute to the washroom where they were checked for menstruation after complaints that menstruating girls had entered the kitchen and temple.

On Thursday, 68 undergraduate students studying at Shri Sahjanand Girls’ Institute (SSGI) in Bhuj were allegedly called out of their classes by the college principal and made to parade to the restroom after the rector complained some female students had broken the rules.

In the college, run by members of Bhuj’s Swaminarayan Mandir, rules for menstruating women strictly forbid their entry in kitchens and temples on their period or even touch other non-menstruating students.

On Wednesday, some of the students were accused of entering the kitchen while on their period, touching other students and even entering the temple. After the complaint reached the Principal, all students were called out and asked to individually remove their underwear in the restroom and prove to authorities that they were indeed not menstruating, Bengaluru Mirror reported.

While no official complaint has been filed by the students, the vice-chancellor of Krantiguru Shyamji Krishna Verma Kutch University has launched a committee to investigate the matter.

The college has about 1500 students many of whom stay in the hostel as they belong to distant and remote villages.

According to the report, students claimed that hostel and college authorities including wardens, teachers, rector, and the principal often harassed women for menstruating.

Source: News18


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