Awaz -e-Khwateen organized Slogan Writing Competition at Shikhar Girls School, Okhla

New Delhi: Awaz-e-Khwateen organized a Slogan Writing Competition on themes of ‘Women Empowerment’ and ‘Education’ at Shikhar Girls School, Okhla. Girls got a platform to showcase their talent through this event that fulfilled the purpose of Awaz-e-Khwateen.

The objective of Awaz-e-Khwateen is to empower women and guide them throughout their journey.

The competition had no language bar. They can write slogans in English, Hindi or Urdu. 50 girls participated in the competition organized by Awaz-e-Khwateen. The organization honored the top three position-holders and congratulated them. Certificates of participation were also distributed to all.

The school management and students thanked the NGO for reaching out to them and holding an event that boosted their confidence and gave them an opportunity where they explored their new talents.

Director Ratna Shukla Anand explained how gender equality is a prerequisite for women empowerment.

The division of work should be equal in our homes between girl and boy children since the beginning so that their mindset does not become rigid and they do not stereotype gender roles.

She also mentioned it hat add-on responsibilities that women are are burdened with should not be a hurdle in their careers.

Office environment should be as such that women should be treated equally, she added.
These steps will lead to nation-building and prosperity of the country as a whole and individuals as well.


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