Bringing back Kota students is injustice towards stranded migrant labourers, says Nitish Kumar

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has slammed the move to bring back thousands of students from Kota during the lockdown and said it is a violation of lockdown rules.

As the Uttar Pradesh government decided to send around 300 buses to Rajasthan’s Kota to bring back stranded students from the city, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said this is injustice as the poor, migrant labourers are not being allowed to move in same way.

“Students studying in Kota come from well-to-do families and most of them live with their families in Kota. What is the urgent need to get them home while all these migrant labourers from Bihar are stranded for weeks,” asked Nitish Kumar in an apparent attack on Yogi Adityanath government move.

Nitish Kumar further said, “Getting the students back home during the lockdown is injustice towards the labourers. It is also violation of the lockdown. When the labourers moved from Delhi in March that was also a violation of the lockdown.”

The Bihar CM also appealed to the students and labourers from Bihar who are stranded outside the state to stay put wherever they are during the lockdown as movement can further spread the coronavirus.

In a statement released by Chief Minister’s Office, Nitish Kumar assured that the Bihar government was in touch with their counterparts to provide all possible relief to students and daily wagers stranded in their state.

“I appeal to the people of Bihar who are stuck in various other states to stay wherever they are. We are coordinating with our counterpart to provide relief to these people. Bihar government is doing everything possible to provide relief to them wherever they are”, said Nitish Kumar in his statement.

Source: India Today


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