Candidates asked to remove shoes, Jewelry for frisking for Rajasthan Constable Exam

To prevent cheating in the written examination of recruitment of police constable in Rajasthan, a condition like cyber emergency has been made in the entire state. It was for the first time in the history of the province when the entire state’s internet service has been discontinued for 10 hours in the name of counterfeiting. Not only that, it is a shameful and shameful thing that the clothes of the candidates were removed in the name of the investigation of the copy. Girls’ clothing sleeves were cut with scissors. Candidates kept full sleeves shirts, shoes, jewelry and other items outside the examination center. Simultaneously, the crowd gathered outside the examination centers was dispersed.

There were tight arrangements to stop the imitating officers who had come with scissors and cutters. The policemen reached the center with scissors and cutters. Candidates who wear full-sided shirts and wear earrings and coils. His shirt’s side and earring and coil were cut and then the entry was given in the center. 5 to 10 police personnel were deployed at each center.

Due to the imitation gang caught before the Police Constable Recruitment Examination of the heavy police force, the police administration looked quite intensively to prevent possible duplication in the examination. Police Constable Recruitment Examination started in the tight security circle on Saturday morning in whole state including Jodhpur. To stop copying, the examination centers were turned into camps. A large number of police forces were deployed with cameras installed at each examination center.



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