Central government’s Nuclear Power Corporation of India allegedly awarded contract to Madhya Pradesh’s sex racket accused

In another shocking revelation, it has emerged that one of the accused in Madhya Pradesh’s sex racket case had allegedly secured a contract from the central government’s  Nuclear Power Corporation of India in 2018.

Quoting a lawyer in the case, NDTV reported that the NPCI had awarded a Rs 10 lakh contract to the accused’s factory in Bhopal for supplying foam tapes and adhesive tape to the Narora Atomic Power Station in Uttar Pradesh. Advocate Manohar Dalal was quoted as saying, “Since the owner of the Bhopal-based factory manufacturing electrical and thermal insulation products allegedly used the recently busted racket to honey-trap powerful individuals and get big work orders/contracts, the big question is whether she managed to get this contract for her company using similar links or not.”

The infamous sex scandal of Madhya Pradesh is causing considerable embarrassment to India’s politicians after some police have recovered 1,000 clips of sex chats and explicit videos from the accused running the extortion racket by blackmailing their victims using the videos of their sexual encounters.

Many believe that the current sex scandal is bigger than the Vyapam Scam that rocked the government of Shivraj Singh Chouhan many years ago. The scandal came to light last week when the Madhya Pradesh Police arrested two women and a driver on the complaint of an engineer Harbhajan Singh posted in Indore. According to the complaint, a woman called Monica Yadav had made a video of him having sex with her and tried to extort Rs 3 crore to keep her mouth shut.

She was arrested while taking the first installment of Rs 50 lakh from Singh. This, according to news agency PTI, led to the unearthing of the biggest honey-trap and blackmailing racket that is now threatening to reach the doorstep of many top bureaucrats and politicians.

Aside from Monica, the other four arrested are Aarti Dayal, Shweta Swapnil Jain, Shweta Vijay Jain, Barkha Soni and a driver, Omprakash.

The racket was apparently to procure lucrative government contracts, running into several hundred crores, from the targeted VIPs. Most of the contracts were given to reputed companies by the kingpin Shweta Jain and her aide Aarti Dayal, now arrested, on a commission basis. They also had 40 college girls to honey trap high-ranking government officers and politicians.

Shweta Jain has confessed to forcing at least two dozen college going girls, from lower-middle-class families, to seduce the high and mighty of the MP government with the promise of jobs.

Source: Janta Ka Reporter


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