Dadri case: TMC demands PM Narendra Modi to speak up on ‘communal’ incidents


KOLKATA: Questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence on the recent killing of a man at Dadri over rumours that he had eaten beef, TMC MP Sultan Ahmedtoday said that the PM should make a statement on “communal” incidents in the country to stop RSS and other outfits from disrupting communal harmony.

“We want to know why Narendra Modi is silent on the recent killing of a person over rumours of consuming beef. This is nothing but spreading communal poison in the society and disrupting the fabric of the country,” Ahmed told PTI.

“Modi keeps on speaking about each and every issue. But he stays mum on various communal incidents. He should speak up in order to stop RSS, VHP from destroying communal peace,” he said.

Ahmed’s comment comes in the wake of a lynching incident in Uttar Pradesh’s Dadri city, where 50-year-old Iqlakh was beaten to death and his 22-year-old son Danish was critically injured by a 200-strong mob which barged into their house on Monday night following rumours that the family had consumed beef. Cow slaughter is banned in Uttar Pradesh.

“India has been a country where various religions have been living in peace for several centuries. The Modi government is trying to destroy the communal fabric of our nation,” he added.


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