Dargah Ala Hazrat announced boycott of NPR-NRC

BAREILLY : On 17-03-2020 Grand mufti of india and ulemas issued Proclamation from dargah Aalahazrat To Boycott NPR(National Population Register) In allama hasan raza conference hall of dargah ala hazrat under the guidance of QAZI E HINDUSTAN Mufti Muhammad Asjad Raza Khan and Allama Zia ul Mustafa conducted seminar shariah council of India every year in 17th fiqhi.

Mufti,ulema came from different states&cities attended the seminar and raise their serious concern about and gave their suggestions and opinions. After considering all opinions of ulemas the closure is if the government of india conduct census according to 2011 census then it is fine and will give our cooperation otherwise all the Dargah’s of India and Sajjadanshin by exercising their constitutional rights will boycott this directly.

JAMAT RAZA E MUSFATA Vice president Salman hasan khan(Salman Miya) said that from the 1st april NPR is being implementing in india , Muslims need not to be afraid in that .
The world famous sunni markaz dargah Aalahazrat bareilly shareef is with the muslims of india.

And also said Talk politely and humbly to the employees who comes to your door. No need to provide any papers,information at all. If any employee forces you then immediately call dargah aala hazrat .

This regime, which has said to punish those who do not give information about NPR to scare the Muslims, is very disgraceful. Muslims are not afraid of these decisions. Imams of mosques have also been appealed, boycott NPR in the upcoming jumma. NPR should be done under 2010 census.

On this occasion Mufti Ashiq Hussain, Mufti Gulzar Mian, Mufti Bahaul Mustafa, Mufti Shafiq Ahmad, Mufti Shamshad Ahmed, Mufti Akhtar Hussain, Mufti Rafiq Alam, Mufti Uzair Alam, Qazi Shaheed Alam, Qazi Fazle Ahmed, Akhtar Mahudt Mufti Habib Ullah, Mufti Abul Hasan, Mufti Alamgir, Mufti Anwar Nizami, Mufti Wali Mohammed Etc be present.


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