Dfrac.org’s truth crusaders debunk hate against Dalits on social media

The way the incidents of atrocities against the Dalits are coming to the fore, the things said by BR Ambedkar decades ago are proving to be true. He raised the question that why atrocities are committed only against the untouchables. Even today these things are happening more and more.

These atrocities have been made an event that is organised and enjoyed watching. Through this, an attempt is also made to establish the dominance of one caste over another. Dalit women and men try to find strange pleasure in roaming around naked, while killing Dalits in public is an attempt to prove the social superiority of the dominant castes. Social media has made it possible to make incidents of caste atrocities a celebration.

Before the advent of social media, till around 2004, incidents of caste atrocities were published in the print media and on the basis of these incidents the horrors of these incidents were imagined. A collective thinking on these atrocities among the Dalits was developed on this basis. This also increased the social vision of the Dalits. With the advent of social media, its impact is visible on the victims as well as the harassers. dfrac.org, a bilingual hate and fake news debunking website, has done a series of investigative reports to prove how social media is becoming the tool to spread hate and misinformation against Dalit and other Backward communities and classes.

How hate is spread against Dalits on twitter

A report titled ‘Analysis on the Hatred for Dalits and Backward Class on Social Media’ (https://dfrac.org/en/2022/02/02/analysis-on-the-hatred-for-dalits-and-backward-class-on-social-media/) on dfrac.org shows how BSP leader Mayawati, Azad Samaj party leader Chandra Shekhar Azad, Congress leader Dr. Udit Raj, journalist Meena Kotwal, etc present and active on social media are the ones trolled over the social media. The accounts mostly mentioned in aggressive tweets are Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan, leader of Azad Samaj Party(@Bhimarmy_BEM) , followed by congress leader Udit Raj (@Dr_Uditrajj) , rather than these , two chief ministers late Ram Vilas Paswan is also mentioned. The latter two have always been vocal about the atrocities of Adivasi and other backward classes.

The report also give links of the Dalit Social workers, politicians, and journalists who were majorly trolled with unacceptable comments. Not just the tweets, dfrac.org report also lists the most keywords followed to write the posts against the Dalit Social workers, politicians and journalists. “After getting to know about the abusive words we searched the count of the words. The most commonly used word was’ CHAMAR’ with more than 300 times in use, rather than this the words like ‘bhangi, Dalit, Bhima, chamar, etc words are used with more than 50 times in use. We reported this after knowing the usage from different persons,” states the report.

The reports on the debunking website also go on to state the rules involving usage of such derogatory words. “According to the news of ‘LIVE LAW’ the usage of word ‘CHAMAR’ is considered as an impeachment of law according to article 3(1)(x) of the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes(prevention and atrocities ) act ,1989 .Is this word ‘CHAMAR’ is used as an insulting word shall be constructed in the context in which it is used , this was stated in Swaran Singh & ors state Tr.Standing council & Anr on 18th august 2008,” the report further added.

Use of Instagram too for hate mongering

Another report by dfrac.org titled ‘Is Instagram Turning Into A Hub of Hatred for Dalits’ (https://dfrac.org/en/2022/02/11/instagram-becoming-a-hub-for-dalit-hatered/ ) explores the accounts on instagram spreading hate and misinformation about dalits.

The truth warriors of dfrac.org found out that while there were accounts that were degrading women, there were others that were doing the same to the Bahujan samaj/Dalits.

“To users of such Accounts women have to be poise, pure , pativrata , well shaved, well-groomed, in short, should meet the standards of beauty that one has set. The word “FEMINIST” is taboo to them. We have witnessed many posts and memes where women are mocked for being the real self on Instagram,” the report stated.

The report found that the purpose of some accounts were showing Brahmin Supremacy over Dalits and causing disharmony among the society.

The purpose of such reports are and as stated by dfrac.org is to suggest investigating such issues and users on Instagram so that all such humiliating activities can be stopped as no one shall own the power to defame and undermine any women or Dalit of the society.


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