Dr. Kafeel Khan reached Jaipur, said- will appeal to UP government to restore his service

Jaipur: Dr. Kafeel Khan, who was released on the orders of the Allahabad High Court, said that he wanted to restore his services as a doctor. For this, he will urge Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The High Court on Tuesday ordered the suspension of Khan, a suspended doctor of the BRD Medical College and Hospital in Gorakhpur. The court had on Tuesday declared the arrest of Kafeel Khan as illegal under the National Security Act (Rasuka).

‘If permission is not given, I will set up a medical camp in flood affected area of ​​Assam’

Kafeel Khan arrived in Jaipur on Thursday, where he said that the High Court has rejected the charges against me under the National Security Act. In such a situation, I will ask the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh to reinstate my services as a doctor. If I do not get this permission, then as a worker, I will organize a medical camp in flood affected areas of Assam.

Kafeel Khan reached Jaipur with family

Kafeel Khan said that he has come to Jaipur with his family because he and his family believe that they are more safe here. He said that there is a Congress government in Rajasthan. My family believes that we will be safe here. I want to spend some good time with my family. He said that the Uttar Pradesh government falsely implicated him and sent him to jail as he was exposing the lacunae of the system.

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Kafeel Khan released from jail on the orders of Allahabad High Court

Kafeel Khan further said that the children died due to lack of oxygen in BRD Medical College, so I tried to disclose the deficiencies in the system. Our Chief Minister did not like it and after filing a false case against me, I was put in jail. Khan also mentioned harassment during the arrest. Following the order of the Allahabad High Court, Kafeel Khan was released from the Mathura jail late on Tuesday. He was in jail since January on charges of making inflammatory speeches at the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) last year against the amended Citizenship Act (CAA).

Source: Pledge Times


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