‘Even Mohan Bhagwat would be called terrorist…’: Rahul Gandhi targets PM

Several Congress leaders, including Priyanka Gandhi, were detained on their way to Rashtrapati Bhavan on Thursday as only three leaders were allowed to meet the President.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday slammed the Modi government and said anyone can be labelled as a terrorist by if they come in the way of the crony capitalists. Farmers, labourers and even Mohan Bhagwat can be bracketed in the same term, Rahul Gandhi said after submitting a memorandum containing 20 million signatures against the farm laws to the President Ram Nath Kovind. “I want to tell the PM that these farmers are not going to go back home until these farm laws are repealed. The government should convene a joint session of Parliament and take back these laws. Opposition parties stand with farmers and labourers,” Rahul Gandhi said on the ongoing farmers’ protest. The farmers on Wednesday took objection to the way the government is dealing them like a “political rival”. In their letter to the Centre, they denounced the government’s attempt to link the protest with “Maoists and anti-social elements”.

“I told the President that these farm laws are anti-farmer. The country has seen that farmers have stood up against these laws,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“There is no democracy in India. It can be in your imagination, but not in reality. PM Modi is making money for the crony capitalists. Whoever will try to stand against him will be called terrorist – be it farmers, labourers and even Mohan Bhagwat,” he said.

“You have an incompetent man who is controlled by certain other people. This is what India has to understand. This is what all youngsters have to understand. You have an incompetent man who does not understand anything and running a system on the behalf of 3 or 4 other people who understand everything. And their aim is to take huge amount of money from the poor people of India and put it in their pockets. And that’s what we are fighting. Frankly, it doesn’t matter what you think right now. Because all of you will face this. There is not going to be a single person who will not face it. If you are a farmer, you are going to face it. If you are a small businessman, you will face it. You are a journalist, you will face it,” Rahul Gandhi said.

As the government sticks to its ground that the laws are pro-farmer and will not be repealed but can be amended to accommodate the demand of the protesting farmers after consultation, Congress collected signatures of two crore farmers, labourers and other stakeholders who are against the farm laws from across the country.

The meeting on Thursday comes a day before the ongoing protest of the farmers to march towards Delhi completes a month on December 25. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address farmers from six states and will release Rs 18,000 crore as part of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme.

While Thursday’s march was only by Congress, opposition leaders met President before seeking his intervention to resolve the deadlock.

Though both the Centre and farmers are ready to proceed with further talks, the situation is far from any solution as the farmers in their latest move have refused to fix the next date for talks unless the Centre modifies its proposals.

Source: Hindustan Times


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