Gau Rakshaks strike again, kill a man in Ahmedabad


Victims gave the names of accused in the FIR but Police avoided it.

Ahmedabad- 16th Sep 2016 Times Headline at 10.10. PM

At 5 p.m. this evening, 29 year old Mohd Ayyub died due to injuries in VS Hospital in Ahmedabad. Mohd Ayyub and Sameer Sheikh were travelling in an Innova towards Ahmedabad with two calfs on the 13th September when Gau Rakshaks chased them, rammed into their car near Honest T-junction near Karnavati club in Ahmedabad, pulled them out of the car and beat them up. This incident happened at around 3 a.m. on 13th September. According to Sameer Sheikh’s police complaint, Mohd Ayyub tried to flee from the Gau Rakshaks but the Gau Rakshaks chased him and beat him up with sticks and rods. Sameer Sheikh was also beaten up and suffered injuries on his head. The police took Sameer Sheikh in custody but by the time they could reach Mohd Ayyub, he had already suffered many injuries. The ambulance was called and Mohd Ayyub was admitted to civil hospital while Sameer Sheikh was taken to Anandnagar Police Station. For some unknown reasons, Mohd Ayyub was transferred from Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad to VS Hospital where he passed away this evening at 5 p.m .

The police had registered two FIRs, the first against Sameer Sheikh and Mohd Ayyub under Cow Protection act and the other against cow vigilantes under Section 307 i.e. Attempt to murder. However, while the police named the cow vigilantes in the first FIR against Sameer Sheikh and Mohd Ayyub and also noted down the vehicle numbers, in the second FIR under Section 307, the attackers have been termed as ‘unknown’. The vehicle numbers are GJ27 C9077 and GJ01 CZ 1180 and the names of the cow vigilantes in the first FIR are Janak Ramesh Mistry, Ajay Sagar Rabari and Bharat Nagj Rabari. The police has skipped the names in the second FIR to weaken the case.

While Mohd Ayyub may have been indulging in an illegal act according to the laws of state of Gujarat, the Gau Rakshaks had no right to assault them and they should have been handed over to the police instead. However, the Gau Rakshaks are so empowered in Modi Raj that they go on to beat up people till they die. Just 2 months back, Dalit boys in Una were thrashed up for skinning dead cows and now a man has been murdered in the middle of Ahmedabad by Gau Rakshaks.
Tomorrow, Narendra Modi is going to be in Gujarat to celebrate his birthday while a 6 month old baby, a 3 year old toddler, a wife and a mother are going to mourn the loss of a father, a husband and a son. What does the PM have to say about his fellow Gujaratis being killed and tortured by the very Gau Rakshaks that he promoted in his election speeches?


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