Grand Sunni Conference of All India Tanzeem Ulama-e-Islam held in New Delhi

Thousands of Ulamas come together to issue Fatwa against Wahabi terrorism


All India Tanzeem Ulema-e-Hind hold grand Sunni Conference against Wahabi terrorism

Read Memorandum of Sunni Conference held at talkatora Stadium Delhi
Times Headline Correspondent New Delhi February 8. Scholars (Ulamas) have come together in thousands at first time in Independent India to consult general public and have issued a open fatwa in accordance with Quran. All India Tanzeem Ulama e Islam (AITUI) have created this history for the first time in Independent India.

Talkatora Stadium of New Delhi was filled to the brim with public from all part of India who came to attend this one-day programme of AITUI. People of Sufi inclination wanted to understand that is Islam is a religion of peace, which believes in peaceful co-existence then how come terrorists across the globe are killing people in the name of Islam. Speakers at the conference explained to the people by referring to Quran & Hadis of Prophet Muhammad that Islam does not support wanton killing and terrorism. People were informed that Wahabi sect have established for the wasted interests of some people and corrupt elements of Muslim Societies and all terrorism is related to Wahbism.

Need for conference
AITU Spokesman Shujaat Ali Quadri told the public that AITUI has approx ten lakh members who c=get information through conventional means mostly. They have beenasking AITUI about terrorist organization ISIS, Taliban and Al Qaida and their ideology as they keep talking about wanton killings and spreading terror only. AITUI is widely known and people have been asking AITUI to raise voice against Wahabi propaganda to save their kids from radicalization. After discussions and deliberations at various level, AITUI realized that it is imperative for the
organization to organize a conference to inform people about their Sufi roots of religious peace & harmony. Further, it was realized that it is important for Sufi Community to come out in the open against extremist elements within the society namely Wahabis. Once AITUI decided to organize a conference, they were amazed by the support received from the Ulama community and fellow Sufis and somehow this conference turned into a huge Grand Conference supported by Sufis across India.
Key Highlights
 Open Dialogue wirth Public and Fatwa of Ulamas

 Sufis have openly expressed their views against terrorism

 Grand Conference in Talkatora Stadium

 Demand of removal of Wahabi extremists from Waqf Boards & Haj committee

 Demand for removal of extremist contents from Syllabus of Schools/Univesities

 AITUI Founder emphasized about peace

Thousands of Ulamas come together to issue Fatwa against Wahabi terrorism

Memorandum to Indian Government

A detailed Memorandum was given to Government after Grand Conference wherein it was said that AITUI is an apex body of Sunni Muslims of India, which contains prominent Muslims including Ulamas, Heads of Dargah, Khanqhahs, Imams of Sufi Mosques. Muslim community is going through a phase of internal upheavals because of Whabi menace and fglobal terrorism. Memrandum suggested three pronged approach to counter the terrorism threat i.e. removing

Waqfs from Wahabi influence, reconstitution of Haj Commmittee and removal of extremist contents from curriculm of Madarsas. It is stated in the memorandum that both Central and State governments dance to the tune of Wahabis agenda on the matters of minoroty related issues. Such blind approach is supporting extremist Agenda as the Ministry officers have fallen under the sway of Wahabis and helped them in knowingly or unknowingly capturing Waqf

Boards and other institutions which are now being used to spread terrorism. Memorandum suggested that both Central & State governmnets needs to deliberately remove Wahabi influence from relevant ministries and should prefer appointmnet of Sufis for both Administrative and Waqf Board positions.

He also informed that the Ulamas present at the conference will draft a detailed memorandum, which wil emphasize the fact that Wahabism is reponsible for terrorism and Muslims themselves are at the receiving end of terrorism, which is alient to the concept of Islam. He reiterated that after conference AITUI will submit a detailed a memorandum to Governmnet containing gist of resolutions passed by the Ulamas at the conference and a small delegation of Ulamas will go to the Prime Minister’s Office and Home Ministry to present the memorandum to the concerned Minister. Ulamas in consultantion with the public shall issue Fatwa on de-radicalization and
counter terrorism measures and a memoradnum will be adopted by all present at the conference for submission to the Government.

Statement of Maulana Ashfaq Qadri, Founder President, AITUI AITUI Founder President Maulana Ashfaq Hussain Qadri said that Ministry of Minority and Central Waqf Council who are responsible for management of Waqf property of Musilms have fallen under Wahabi influence. He futher said that the Nationa Waqf development Corporation
(NAWADCO), which was created for development of Waqf has also fallen under Wahabi influence and these institutions are being used to promote terrorism and Wahabi Agenda . Wahabis have captured Sufi Mosques with Ministry Support and are used these institutions to promote Saudi Agenda which is Wahbism and terrorism. This is very serious issue and cannot be resolved without reconstitution of all Waqf related Institutions by appointing Sufi representatives in place of Wahabis. He said that he is greatly saddened by abuse of givernment machinery by Wahabis. Maulana Ashfaq further said that Indian government needs to study how Egypt, Russia and Chehenya counter extremism with far reaching policies. He particularly advised about Egyptian model.

Statement of Keynote Speakers

Professor Dr. Mohammed Amin Mian, Sajjdanashin of Meharara Sharif:- Peaceful Sufis want to understand ideologies responsible for global terrorism to build public awarenesss against extremist ideologies.

Muhammad Saaed Noori, President of Raza Academy: Extremism is responsible for Global terrorism and Wahabism is reponsible for terrorism. Indian Governmnet should ban Wahabism and declare it Ant-Constitutional to stop spread of terrorism.

Mehdi Mian, Sajjadanashin Ajmer Dargah: – Asked for promotion of Sufi literature. He stated that syllabus of Schools/ colleges should inform students about Sufi Saints and their ideology of promotion of peace to give inspiration of Muslim youth, which will inspire them to stay away from extremism.

Muhammad Mukarram, Imam, fatehpuri Mosque: We need to unite for nation building. If we want to fight terrorism them entire society have to work together as one.

Suhail Mian, Sajjadanashin, Bilgram dargah: We need to see what we have learnt from the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing upon him) The terrorists have crossed limits of humanity because they have do not respect Prophet.

Moinuddin Ashraf Zilani, Makhdoom Ashraf Dargah, and Kicchauccha: India is a nation of Sufi Saints. Indian Youth need to be reminded about their Sufi heritage and the message of Sufi Saints to counter the Wahabi Propaganda, which is being used to radicalize youth.

Saifuddin Saheb, Sajjadanashin, and Makhdoom Maneri dargah: Indian Government should remove Wahabis from Waqf Boards. There is need to stop inflow of Petro dollar for spreading Wahabi Ideology.

Mannan Raza Khan, Astana Razavia, Bareily: Bareily has been at the forefront of Sufism. Ala Hazrat Ahmad Raza Khan was the first to recognize Wahabi threat and to start the fight against Wahabism from Bareilly. We need to spread the message of Ala Hazrat to counter Wahabis.

Syed Furqan Ali Chishti, Gaddinashin, Ajmer Dargah: Khwaza Saheb is uncrowned king of Sufi Hearts. People of all religion visit his shrine. We need to learn from his message and his life.

Mohammed Hanif Rizvi, Jamia, Nuriya, Bareily: Whenever Muslims are in threat then we need to realize that we have moved away from the path shown by the prophet and Misguide youth have caused grave injury to Muslim community through their terrorism.

Sameer Ahmad Rizvi, Bareily Sharif: We need to look towards Arab nations who have mocked radical elements and allowed Wahabism to take roots in the name of secular tolerance have been ruined today. We strongly say that the extremist ideology, which preaches hate mongering, cannot show path to the youth.

Ghulam Rasul Balyawi, MP, Bihar: Petro Dollar is not the only factor for spreading terrorism. Illiteracy, exploitation and lack of good opportunities are also responsible or terrorism. We cannot understand terrorism without understanding its roots.

Akbar Ali Faruqi, Raipur, Chatisgarh: We should support formation National Madarsa Board and relevant bill. We cannot build foundation for a prosperous nation without modernization of Madarsas.

Nizamuddin Rizvi, Jamia Mubarkpur: We cannot save our kids from Wahabis ideology without saving our madarsas and Khanqahs from Wahabis. We need to fight to ensure their freedom from the clutches of Wahabis

Shah Muhammad, Head, Darul Ulum Rabia Barsia, New Delhi: Indian Sufi Muslims are politically weak and there is need for atleast 80 MPs from community to go to parliament and raise their voice.

Advise to learn from Foreign

Speakers at the conference advised the government to learn from foreign nations. Speakers suggested that role played by Al-Azhar University in fighting the menace of Wahabi extremism in Egypt and importance of Fatwas of Mufti Taiyab Saheb of Al-Azhar University. The name of Fateh Al Sisi was repeated reverently several times and it was advised that lessons can be learnt from him in fighting extremism and radicalization. Speakers strongly recommended that Indian Indian Government would take some cues from him in countering extremist menace and

propaganda through mosques. Speakers also praised Validimor Pution ajd Russia especially how he established peace in Chechenya with the help of Ramzan Kadirov. Speakers also cited the names of Bashar Al Basad of Syria, Hassan Ruhani of Iran, President Nur Sultanbayev of Kazkhstan, Imameali Rehmoon of Tajikistan, Buzar Nishani or Albania for the methods used by them to counter extremism in their Country. Speakers mentioned Kazakhstan as an example of
peaceful co-existence and religious tolerance in a Sufi Nation. Speakers advised Indian government to learn from them.


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