India sends 6 tonnes of medicines to Kabul

New Delhi

As India send six tonnes of medicine for the people of Afghanistan, for the first time, The Taliban regime openly thanked India for its cooperation and assitance.

The Spokesperson of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan Zabiullah Mujahhid posted the image of the Indian consignment of Twitter and thanked India for its help.

His Tweet says:

Six tonnes of medicine arrived this morning at Kabul as part of India’s assistance to Afghanistan. A few days ago India had sent 500,000 doses of Covid vaccine and other items to Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirates is grateful to India for its for its humanitarian assistance and cooperation.

So far the Taliban regime has never openly acknowledged India’s assitance though country’s ambassador in India Farid Mumndzay and Indian government have posted the pictures of assistance on social media.

India analysts like Sushant Sareen of ORF feel this tweet of Zabiullah will surely cause heartburns in Pakistan.

it may be recalled that Islamabad and Kabul are not in best of relations despite Imran Khan asking everyone to help the Taliban regime.

Source: Awaz The Voice


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