India, US send strong message to Pakistan on terrorism

NEW DELHI: India and US together strongly united against terrorism and specifically signaled Pakistan targeting the rising number of terror groups the country houses on Monday. At a joint news conference by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and her US counterpart John Kerry, Swaraj said no nation should have a double standard on the issue of terrorism.

“There was a meeting of minds on the issue of terrorism,” said Swaraj, after the second India-US Strategic and Commercial Dialogue. “We agreed that no nation should be allowed to have double standards on terrorism by differentiating between good and bad terrorists,” she added.

The direct hit to Pakistan followed. “We agreed that Pakistan needs to take strong action to strike down terror infrastructure, networks and organizations operating on its soil,” Swaraj said.
Kerry for his part acknowledged the consistency India’s stand on terrorism, and backed India’s calls for justice. “The United States remains committed to bringing the perpetrators of the Mumbai and Pathankot attacks to justice. Terrorism is terrorism. There is no good terrorism or bad terrorism,” said Kerry.

Swaraj and Kerry also announced that the two countries had agreed to expedite the sharing of terrorism-related intelligence between their respective agencies.

The strong joint statements against terrorism, and the direct mention of Pakistan, comes at a time when the two South Asian neighbours are locked in a heated diplomatic battle on multiple fronts. Repeated Pakistani comments on the ongoing unrest in Kashmir have evoked a sharp response from New Delhi.


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