Israel’s agricultural success is a fake one: Shahid Pradhan

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on a six day visit in India. His visit is facing protests from several pro Palestinian groups. ‘Times Headline’ have talked with Shahid Pardhan,a well known peace activist and an expert of Islamic affairs about Netanyahu’s visit.

Question: How do you analyse the agricultural relationship with Israel while Indo-Israel Agricultural Project (IIAP) has been working to set up many centers since 2008?

Answer: Israel’s credentials as an agricultural expert or success story are questionable. It’s so-called success in agriculture is based essentially on western aid and indulgence, along with the exploitation of stolen Palestinian land and resources, and the inhuman exploitation of cheap labour. This is not a model that can be replicated in India with any benefit or success.
After so many years of Indo-Israeli Agricultural Cooperation we see an intensification of in the agricultural crisis and in farmer suicides. In fact, farmer suicides seem to be greatest in some of the states where Israeli agricultural involvement is greatest such as Maharashtra and Telangana. Obviously Israeli involvement has failed to bring benefits as yet.
It seems that Israel’s heavy involvement in Indian agriculture is basically one of the primary channels of engineering western corporate takeover of India’s food resources.
India’s oldest and largest farmer’s union, Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Sabha, joined BDS in October 2017. Obviously, they see Israeli involvement as a major threat to farmer well-being.

Question: The Indo-Israel Vegetable Centre of Excellence in Haryana has really helped Indian farmers?
Answer: The farmers are regularly protesting and their suicide rate is also increasing, I will give you a single example from Haryana. The farmers in Haryana were complaining that in the last season the cost they incurred for a quintal of sunflower seeds was Rs 3,225. The selling market price was Rs 2, 425. The selling price was less then the cost price by Rs 800. How can poor farmer bear such a loss? One of the reason for this is western corporates involvement in Indian agriculture industry. The farmers are getting indebted and killing themselves. The position of farmers has gone from bad to worse all over India and the farmers of Haryana also suffering the same. The Indo-Israel Vegetable Centre of Excellence in Haryana has not helped the farmers from Haryana and the other Indian states but on the contrary, made their life worse.

Question: Israel military intelligence chief Herzy Halevy told a news website in 2016 that they never want ISIS defeated in Syria. How do you analyse you the beneficiary relationship between ISIS and Israel?

Syria was one of the few Arab countries which was in direct conflict with Israel. Syria has close relation with the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hezbollah of Lebanon.
Israel wants to remove Bashar Asad and replace him with somebody who is not aggressive towards the Israeli but plays a role to divide the Muslims and the Arabs. ISIS was a candidate for the Israelis. ISIS was helping the Israelis by making Syria weaker.
The general population in Syria and other West Asian countries has no doubt that Israel is one of the main supporters of ISIS. They point to the fact that the group has murdered thousands of people across several countries across the globe but hasn’t carried out a single attack against Israel even though it is situated right there in the Middle East itself.
Additionally, there is enough information available in the public domain, especially in the Israeli media, that clearly establishes Israeli links with and support for ISIS.
The purpose of Israeli support for ISIS is simple – to weaken all the other countries in the Middle East and hence prolong Israel’s survival. To redirect the energies of Muslim countries away from the issue of Palestine.

Question: Reports indicate that “moderate Syrian rebels” seek assistance from Israel in medical services and even supplies. Considering the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” strategy, it does appear that Israel has warm relationship with ISIS?
As explained in the above answer there are no doubts that there is a warm relationship between ISIS and Israel.
ISIS also benefits Israel and other western countries to spread Islamophobia, The Muslims are portrayed as terrorist all over the world by the Zionist Media.If we look in history the Zionist created the first Terrorist groups, in modern history, they were named as Haganah, Iregun and Stern gang. This organized terrorist groups were created between 1920 and 1940. The purpose of this groups was to terrorize the Palestinians, so that they migrate to some other country.The Palestinians have suffered a lot from this terror groups. It can be said that the Israelis have almost 100 years’ experience in Terrorism.
The CIA created Al Qaeda to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan. US was behind the creation of Al Qaeda with the help of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.
The region where there was no terrorism was flooded by the terrorist all over the world. The ISIS is born from Al Qaeda and all this terrorist groups have been a bane for the Muslims and boon for the US and Israel.
Syria and Afghanistan are quite similar. In Afghanistan US wanted to defeat the Russians, so their main partners were Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Pakistan was neighbor of Afghanistan that’s why it was utilized. In Syria the US-Israel wants to remove Bashar ul Asad, gain their main partner was Saudi Arabia and Turkey which is bordering country of Syria.
Fortunately for the region the ISIS forces were defeated in Syria the complete region would have faced serious problems.
The US-Israel always wants to weaken every voice which favors the freedom of Palestine. With the ISIS involvement in Syria and Iraq they have tried to achieve two purposes one was to replace Asad government with an puppet regime. The next purpose was to create sectarian division within the Muslims. They want Muslims to be divided between Shia and Sunnis. Alhamdolilah both of this strategy have failed. The Muslim ummah has come out victorious from this war. It has also started understanding the divide and rule policy of US-Israel. This understanding will help them to counter similar problems in the future, InshaAllah.


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