PDP-BJP Government victimizing people to hide failures : Congress


Congress Wednesday lashed out at both PDP and BJP for victimizing people, saying that even the people demanding water are being responded with lathis and described the ruling dispensation as complete failure.

The Party Spokesperson expressed serious concern over the indiscriminate firing on people agitating against braid chopping at Pahalgam today, in which five civilians were left injured seriously besides the lathi charge on the people of Bakerwal check in Dooru area who were agitating against the scarcity of water.

Condemning the firing on civilians, the Spokesperson blamed the Government for losing control; as a result the situation is completely out of gear now.

The spokesperson said that this Government is anti people with no seriousness about the safety of the people especially the modesty of the women, which is in great danger.

Source: www.voiceofwadi.com


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