Man Found Dead, Wrist Chopped Off, At Farmers’ Protest Site At Singhu

Initial reports say Nihangs – a ‘warrior’ Sikh group – are responsible for the brutal murder, which took place in Kundli in Haryana’s Sonipat district

New Delhi: The body of a young man – with the left wrist severed and a pool of blood on the ground – was found tied to an overturned police barricade at the farmers’ protest site on the Singhu border this morning.

Initial reports say Nihangs – a ‘warrior’ Sikh group – are being blamed for the murder, which took place in Kundli in Haryana’s Sonipat district.

They reportedly beat the young man – who has yet to be identified – to death for allegedly desecrating the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikhs’ holy book.

They reportedly beat him to death, hung the body on the police barricade and then cut off the wrist.

Sonipat police have taken the body to the Civil Hospital.

The police have not yet commented on the gruesome incident.

Last year there was another incident involving Nihangs – a Punjab cop had his hand chopped off with a sword in Patiala after he asked them to show them ‘movement passes’ during the Covid lockdown.

Assistant Sub-Inspector Harjeet Singh recovered after extensive surgical procedures and has since been promoted. Three other cops who sustained injuries were awarded medals.

Farmers have gathered at Singhu (on the border with Delhi) for over a year now to protest the centre’s new farm laws; several farmer camps have been set up on the border over the past months.

Haryana Chief Minister ML Khattar was due to visit Sonipat this week to attend a public event.

However, after sustained protests from farmers (who have made it clear they will oppose any public appearance by any member of the ruling BJP), Mr Khattar withdrew and sent a replacement.

Farmers’ protests in Haryana have made major headlines since the agitation began, with violent clashes between protesters and police frequent. Scenes of encamped forces on both sides – divided by barricades, dug up roads and other materials used to block progress have been widely shared.

Tensions escalated in August when a top Karnal official was caught on camera ordering police to “crack their (farmers’) heads”. This was during a lathi charge that saw 10 farmers injured.

The official – Ayush Sinha – was removed from his post and sent on leave, and a probe was ordered.

Source: NDTV


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