Manmohan Singh and Rajiv Gandhi were better than Modi in facing the media

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has not addressed even a signal press conference during his four and half years tenure and who is afraid of facing the media and had not taken a journalist during his foreign tours, deserves my congratulations for granting a long interview to a female journalist.

Admittedly that conversation was conducted decently having no such questions raised which could have resulted in loosing off the temper by Mr. Modi. But certainly pinching questions which are perturbing the country were asked, but the only strong reply made by Mr. Modi was about the Gandhi family. Rest of replies were like filling the blank having no substance.

What Modi told to the interviewer, he had been repeating in his speeches. His reply about construction of Ram Temple only proved his mental bankruptcy as saying that Govt. will wait for courts judgement meaning that his Govt. is incompetent having no solution of the Ayodhya problem. Someone should ask Mr. Modi whether he knows A.B.C.D, of Ram temple dispute.

Supreme Court has to decide only about the ownership of about three acres of land. Modi Ji is least-concerned about the questions as what should be constructed on the land, how and where and for achieving that who should be taken into confidence.

His मार्गदर्शक मंडल (advisory panel) could have suggested him some concrete solution but he has reduced his मार्गदर्शक मंडल (advisory penal) into a मार्ग देखते रहने वाला मंडल. (A penal whose job is to keep on watching helplessly)

During Primeministership of P.V. Narasimha Rao, solution of land dispute has almost reached to final stage but all of sudden the demolition of structure had complicated the issue which could be resolved out of court even today, but it needs some wisdom and experience.

Modi’s reply about questions of Rafel deal and surgical strike were also out of mark. He had tried to cover his face in guise of respect of our army. Had Modi been addressing press conference of real journalists and the questions about Reserve Bank, C.B.I, Demonetisation and other issues would have embarrassed him to the extent that he would have decided not to address any press conference in his life time.

Rajiv Gandhi and Manmohan Singh who were basically non political persons have shown more courage than Modi, in facing the media.

It is good that after humiliating defeat in three state elections, some good sense has prevailed on Mr. Modi who had rightly said that in 2019 polls people will face the politicians but the real question is which politician? Him or his opponents.?

Dr. VED PRATAP VAIDIK (Political Thinker and Eminent Journalist)


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