McDonald’s refuses to deliver in Muslim areas in Delhi, says out of trading zone

McDonald's refuses to deliver in Muslim areas in Delhi, says out of trading zone
New Delhi: International fast food chain McDonald’s is refusing to take orders for food delivery in the muslim-dominated area in Delhi. The company cited standards of food cannot be met while delivering in these areas, which have combined population of around 2 lakh, as reasons.
 “We do not deliver to a lot of areas in Okhla, as a matter of policy. We have map and areas identified for delivery. We can only deliver in Sec-3 in this area, ” said Mcdonald’s employee Ambika, when India Samvad called at the number given on their Mcdonald’s website 011-6600 0666 to place an order but she denied the delivery as soon as we mentioned, Zakir Bag around Okhla zone, place of delivery.
We also called neighboring New Friends Colony outlet,  where Mcdonald’s employee Rahul, who picked up the call, echoed the same reason. Further, we asked why they are not delivering in these areas, to which he replied delivery of food in several areas including Okhla and its vicinity was stopped five years ago, based on areas sales team decision.
Meanwhile, a complaint has been registered with the Delhi Minorities Commission alleging discrimination by the food chain’s New Friends Colony outlet.
“When I called them to place an order, Mcdonald’s executive told me they cannot deliver food in our area as it is on their negative list. We feel the reason behind this is the area is mostly occupied by the minority population,” Tariq Khan, a resident of Gaffar Manzin in Okhla said in his complaint.
India Samvad asked Chairman of Delhi Minorities Commission about the complaint and possible action could be taken against them. “We are waiting for them to reply to our notice within a month. We have issued notice to the headquarters of the food company and asked them to explain the reasons for non-delivery. We can only take action after their reply,” said Qamar Ahmad.
The areas like Batla House, Okhla Vihar, Zakir Nagar, Zakir Bagh, Jamia Nagar, Abul Fazal Enclave and Shaheen Bagh, have a population of around 2 lakh, of which 70 per cent is Muslim.
The Indian Constitution, under its Article 15 (1), promises non-discrimination to its citizens. The section 153 B (1) (b) (c) of IPC  is invoked in cases where a person is denied any right as a citizen on the basis of race, religion or caste.


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