Men and women should share pregnancy for 4.5 months each: Jamiat Ulama


New Delhi. Jamiat Ulema secretary, Gulzar Azmi, on on Tuesday said that if everyone wants equality on the basis of gender, then men and women ought to have carried pregnancy for four and half months each.

His statement came just few days after it was proposed in a new Hajj policy draft that women above 45 to travel in a group of at least four, without a male member.

He added, “The decision to allow Muslim women aged above 45 years to go on Haj alone is entirely illegal and is an intervention in Islam. It is clearly stated in Quran that a woman cannot go on Haj alone.”

In the proposal made for the new Hajj policy, it’s suggested that subsidy for the pilgrims be removed and number of embarkation points for them to catch flights be reduced from existing 21 to just 9. The government led by Narendra Modi is also mulling the idea of sending the pilgrims to Mecca via ships in future.

Many analysts have dubbed the proposals of reducing embarkation points and introducing ships as a mode of transportation as regressive.



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