Modi’s Demonetization A Surgical Strike on Poverty Ridden : Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI: Rahul Gandhi, Congress vice-president on Wednesday lashed out on Prime Minister Modi-led BJP government and RSS for reducing the strength of institutions like the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in the wake of the demonetization decision taken by the government on November 8 last year.

He slammed the prime minister for the demonetization move, which according to the Congress leader was PM Modi’s ‘personal decision’.” The Congress vice-president was addressing the public at the Party’s Jan Vedna Sammelan held at the Talkatora Stadium in the national capital. Rahul said, “Narendra Modi thought that if the Army conducted the surgical strikes across the border, he did the same on the poor and farmers.”

“The BJP and Modi keep asking what the Congress Party has done in the last 70 years. I would like to say that we didn’t do in 70 years what the BJP under PM Modi has done in just two and a half years – destroy India’s highly respected institution,” Gandhi said. He said while the Congress party told labourers and farmers to be fearless come what may, they will be guaranteed 100 days employment and none will be able to take away their land without paying the market price for it, Narendra Modi “snatched” away their money and land.

Targetting the Modi government for its, Rahul Gandhi said that the Centre is trying to scare people but his party stands with them and they don’t need to fear. Speaking at Congress convention at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi, Gandhi said his party’s symbol (hand) is omnipresent in every religion and it signifies that people of any religion should not fear the government as Congress is with them.

“I found Congress symbol in Shiv ji, Gurunanak, Buddha, Mahavir’s pictures. I asked Karan Singh ji what does it mean? He said ‘daro mat’ sachhayi ka saamna karo’,” said Gandhi adding, “Congress philosophy says ‘daro mat’, and the other philosophy says ‘daro aur darao’”.

Congress Party’s Jan Vedna Sammelan was called to highlight the ‘misfortunes’ caused to the people of India due to the demonetisation move by Prime Minister Modi on November 8 last year.


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