MSO calls the decisions of the Administrator of Lakshadweep as undemocratic.

Muslim Students Shujaat
Shujaat Ali Quadri,

New Delhi. The recent decisions by Lakshadweep Administrator Praful Patel have been criticized by the Muslim Student Organization of India. The National President of the MSO, Dr. Shujaat Ali Qadri, has termed the decisions of the Administrator of Lakshadweep as undemocratic. Dr. Qadri issued a statement saying that Lakshadweep has 96 percent Muslim population, there was no ban on beef, but there was a ban on alcohol, but now the administrator of Lakshadweep lifted the ban on alcohol while banning beef.

It is an undemocratic move challenging the culture and federal structure of Lakshadweep.
The MSO has also questioned the appointment of Prafull Patel. Dr. Qadri told that Prafull Patel was first the minister in the Modi government, after which he was made administrator. He said that Praful Patel’s image had been disputed; he was also booked for abetment to the suicide of Mohan Delkar, MP of Dadar and Nagar Haveli earlier this year. MP Mohan Delkar wrote Patel’s name in his 15-page suicide note. On 22 January, Delker was found hanging in his hotel room.

Dr. Qadri said that Praful Patel is the administrator of Lakshadweep, but the decisions taken by him are inspired by the politics of the BJP. The way the politics of hate has come up in the name of Beef in North India is in front of everyone, now even in non-Hindi speaking states, BJP has started promoting this agenda. He said that the undemocratic and anti-people rules imposed by Praful Patel.

The national president of the MSO said that the demand for banning of beef in Lakshadweep and lifting the ban on alcohol has never arisen, but despite this the current administrator of Lakshadweep has taken such an undemocratic decision which will destroy the socio-cultural of the state. He said that the decisions taken by Praful Patel, the administrator who implemented BJP’s agenda in Lakshadweep, are also a threat to mutual goodwill.


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