Muhammad bin Salman must be declared as war criminal: Ulema E Islam

  • All India Tanzeem Ulama E Islam’s magnificent conferences of Delhi
  • ‘International Sufi Peace Conference’ held at Ramlila Ground of Delhi
  • The Saudi Prince MBS abused in the presence of Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musliyar

New Delhi. The Government of India instead of receiving the donation of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman must be declared as terrorist. India should also seek democracy in Saudi Arabia immediately. India should bring a proposal against Saudi Arabia in which there must be demanding the establishment of a democracy in the country by cancelling the recognition of the dictator’s government there. This was stated by chief speaker Syed Muhammad Qadri in the general session of All India Tanzeem Ulama E Islam at Ramlila Ground in New Delhi. The program was chaired by Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musliyar of Calicut, Kerala. The program titled as ‘International Sufi Peace Conference’ passed a resolution that was sent to the Prime Minister and the Office of the Home Ministry.

In the presence of Program Chair Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musliyar , the chief speaker Syed Muhammad Qadri said that Extremist ideology is responsible for terrorism and the AlSaud family funds this ideology for terrorism. If this family is shown the pink slip, peace can be restored in the whole world. He recently mentioned the terrorist attack on the Indian Central Reserve Police Force in Pulwama, India, and said that this attack is certainly done by Pakistan but we should see beyond pitch black.  A day before 44 Indian heroes in Pulwama of India killed, 30 soldiers of Revolutionary Guard of Iran also diseased by Pakistani terrorists. Just two days after Saudi Arabia’s self-respecting prince and Dictator Muhammad bin Salman arrives on a visit to Pakistan and goes on a prize of 10 billion dollars as a reward for its terrorism. It shows that the whole world is threatened with the power of Saudi Arabia, Wahhabi ideology and its new dirty dictator Muhammad bin Salman. Syed Muhammad Qadri said that this bin Salman converts Saudi Consulate in Turkey to abattoir and murders journalist Jamal Khashoggi. He described Saudi Arabia as a blot on the destruction of Yemen, blatant Israel to scuttle the issue of Palestine and to blame for the entire Islamic community. He said that the whole world is in jeopardy from the dangerous freak bin Salman.

Syed Muhammad Qadri requested the Indian government to cancel the recognition of the government of Saudi Arabia and to demand referendum, constitution writing and election for the ousting of the dictatorship of Saudi Arabia in the United Nations and the establishment of democracy in the country. He demanded the public’s opinion during this time and people in the crowded Ramlila Ground supported his demands.

On this occasion, Mufti Ashfaq Hussain Qadri, the founder president of All India Tanzeem Ulama E Islam (AITUI), said that the danger to the whole world is from the dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, it’s funding and ideology, the same danger is from Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. Mufti Ashfaq said that the United Arab Emirates along with Saudi Arabia has assassinated millions of innocents in Yemen. Mufti Ashfaq Hussain Qadri said in the presence of the President of the program, Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musliyar of Calicut, Kerala, that Sheikh Ali Zayed AlNahyan of the Arab Emirates and the Prime Minister Muhammad bin Rashid Alamkhtoum are dyed red with Yemen blood. He considered the seven Emirate Sheikhdoms guilty of the murder of the general Yemenis.

Mufti Ashfaq said Shaikh Nahyan and Alamkhtoom as a paternal aide of Saudi dictator and self-proclaimed Muhammad bin Salman. He called Saudi-UAE Sheikhdoms a gang of thieves and terrorists who are spreading terrorism all over the world. “Whether it is Syria or Iraq, Yemen or Libya and India or Pakistan? Everywhere the Sheikh and the United Arab Emirate families will be found guilty.” Mufti added.  On this occasion, he also blamed Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, United States of America and United Arab Emirates for the coward terrorist attack in Kashmir and demanded that the Government of India cancel the recognition of the United Arab Emirates government and drag this Sheikhdom to The United Nations to make necessary steps to establish democracy in the nation.

Shujaat Ali Quadri President of MSO and Spokesperson of AITUI said that Palestine is a humanitarian problem for the whole world, for which Israel and America are fully responsible. He said that in order to weaken the issue of Palestine and Masjid Aqsa, Saudi Arabia’s self-proclaimed Prince Muhammad bin Salman has played a role and he has emerged as a Zionist altogether Tel Aviv. He said that no Muslim in the world could turn blind from the oppression he had done with Palestine, but Saudi Arabia has bent on removing Palestine by joining hands with Israel. He said that whoever finds him a true Muslim should strive for the establishment of democracy and end of dictatorship in Saudi Arabia including removal of Bin Salman from the office.

Syed Javed Ali Nashbandi of Darbare Ahle Sunnat said that we cannot forget the terrorist attack in Kashmir and Pakistan has to give an account of the bleeding of every Indian soldier’s blood. He urged to the Government of India to inroad to Pakistan without delay and immediately demanded the transfer of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to India. He said that Kashmir is an integral part of India and in this Lok Sabha election, the common Muslims of India want the two seats in Pak-occupied Kashmir must also vote. He said we wish to see elections in all 545 Lok Sabha constituencies.

Maulana Sakhi Rathore of Jammu Kashmir said that this grand seance has been organized to remember the services of great thinker of the century and Sufi leader Imam Ahmad Raza Khan. He said that in the joy of the centenary of his birth, we should remember that Imam Ahmad Raza Khan always emphasized the establishment of Sufism and while cancelling the extremist ideology. He has described it as a threat to humanity.

On this occasion, Qari Sageer of AITUI said that India is a country of diversity and after the Pulwama attack in Kashmir the situation of the country is quite fragile. We need that we face this situation together and unite to teach Pakistan a memorable lesson and ask Government of India to take puritanical steps.

Maulana Abdul Wahid thanked all the guests on this occasion. On this occasion, Scholars also participated from Turkey, Bangladesh, West Indies and South Africa.


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