Mumbai Woman Allegedly Gang-Raped While House-Hunting

By Times Headline Writer

Mumbai: A woman who was house-hunting with her husband in Mumbai was allegedly gang-raped yesterday. Seven suspects have been arrested.

The 28-year-old woman told the police that while she was checking out a house in Amboli to rent last night, her husband was taken outside by three men. The other four reportedly stayed back in the house and then gang-raped her.

Police said an investigation has been launched. “Eight people from the area allegedly raped the woman. Seven accused have been arrested. One of the accused who has been arrested has a criminal history,” said Mumbai police spokesperson Ashok Dudhe.

The couple had reportedly been taken to see the house in a local slum by a woman. Because it was late at night, the couple chose to stay there. The men who have been arrested were allegedly in the house with the couple when the husband was taken outside and his wife sexually assaulted.

(With inputs from news agencies)



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