Muslims should maintain peace even if SC’s Ayodhya verdict is against them’

Bareilly: Sending out a message of peace and communal harmony on the concluding day of Aala-Hazrat Urs, sajjadanashin Rafeeq-e-Millat Hazrat Najeeb Miyan asked Muslims to thank God if the Supreme Court’s (SC) Ayodhya verdict is in favour of the minority community. However, he said that if it doesn’t then they should be patient and maintain peace in the country under all circumstances.

Cautioning people not to hit the streets on the call of politicians, he further said that this is the message from Aala-Hazrat Bareilly as well as Marehra Sharif. Notably, Aala-Hazrat was a disciple of Marehra Sharif.

“Najeeb Miyan is a sajjadanashin of Marehra Sharif and Aala-Hazrat was a disciple of Marehra Sharif. Najeeb Miyan has given a message of communal harmony to all of us and we all should follow and share the same with others. Aala Hazrat dargah chief Subhani Miyan and sajjadanashin Ahsan Raza Qadri offered prayers for peace and prosperity for all communities in the country,” said Nasir Qureshi, media coordinator Aala-Hazrat dargah, on Friday.

Another sajjadanashin Ameen Miyan urged the devotees to pay efforts towards saving water for future and ensure that their children get religious as well as worldly wisdom through studies.

Over a lakh devotees assembled from across the globe on the concluding day of Urs and offered prayers. A representative of Uttarakhand’s former chief minister Harish Rawat also paid homage to Aala-Hazrat on Friday.

There were several clerics and scholars from European, African and Asian countries present at the occasion. Kamrujazma Azmi, a Muslim scholar from England, said that many universities across the globe are doing PhD on Aala-Hazrat. The Urs was concluded peacefully without any hiccups.

Source: Times of India


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