NCHRO filed a petition in the Ministry of Labor on the death in Saras Dairy Blast

Demanded compensation to the families of security personnel killed in gas cylinder explosion in Saras Milk Dairy and action against the culprits

Kota: The National Confederation of Human Rights Organization, Rajasthan (NCHRO) has filed a complaint petition in the Ministry of Labor in the case of security personnel Bhupendra Singh Rajput, who was killed by a gas cylinder explosion in Saras Dairy on July 9, in which the victim’s family Relief has been sought.

Human rights organization NCHRO Rajasthan’s media in-charge and state executive member Dilshad Noor told that the death of the security personnel is not an accident but a case of serious negligence of the dairy administration. The absence of any statutory warning on the cylinder and keeping the cylinder at the gate of the dairy plant proves the negligence of the dairy administration, due to such negligence, other workers and employees working inside the plant also suffer. Lives can also be at stake, in this the dairy operator and administration are mainly responsible.

He said that in the complaint, the labor commissioner has been demanded to constitute a special inquiry committee to probe the matter, give proper compensation to the kin of the deceased and register a murder case against the culprits.


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