No shorts, slippers outside rooms: AMU hostel issues advisory to residents

The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has issued an advisory for the residents of its men’s hostels to not step out in shorts and slippers. The university has asked the residents of the Sir Shah Sulaiman Hall to not step outside their rooms in shorts and slippers.

Not only that, the hostel authorities also advised them to wear black sherwani or kurta-pyjama during university functions.

In an advisory issued by the Provost of AMU’s Sir Sulaiman Hall men’s hostel, the authorities said that many freshers are “totally unaware of its [AMU’s] rich culture and traditions. As a result, they unknowingly indulge in activities which are anathema to the residential life of this great seat of learning”.

The advisory, apart from mentioning the appropriate dress code also mentions other ‘traditons’ like addressing the dining hall residents as “miyan” or “bhai”, payment of bill by a senior if a senior and a junior are eating together.

“While this ignorance is very painful for the seniors as well as for the Hall Administration, it is also undesirable for the freshers as they are losing a chance to imbibe some good habits,” the advisory reads.

Source: India Today


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