“Over-activism of any kind must not happen”: Amit Shah breaks silence on controversy surrounding Tansihq ad promoting communal harmony

Home Minister Amit Shah has broken his silence on the recent controversy surrounding an advertisement by jewellery brand Tanishq that sought to promote communal harmony through an inter-faith marriage. The brand owned by TATA had to take down the ad in the face of brutal attack from the Hindutva brigade in the country since a Hindu bride was shown to be married to a loving Muslim family.

Shah told CNNNews18, “Small incidents can’t break the social harmony of our country. The foundation is very strong. Many similar attacks took place. Britishers made several such attempts. Later, the Congress too made many such attempts. But this is not breakable. I believe that over-activism of any kind must not happen.

Faced with criticism from the Hindutva brigade, Tanishq had issued a statement saying that it was withdrawing the ad citing hurt sentiments and the well-being of its staff. The statement by Tanishq had it was ‘deeply saddened with the inadvertent stirring of emotions.’

It had read, “We are deeply saddened with the inadvertent stirring of emotions and withdraw this film keeping in mind the hurt sentiments and well being of our employees, partners and store staff.”

Those, who had launched a vilification campaign against Tanishq included the supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Days later, a Tanishq jewellery showroom in Gandhidham town of Gujarat had put up a note on its door, apologising to Hindus in the district over the brand’s controversial TV ad. The handwritten note in Gujarati, according to news agency PTI, had also condemned the TV commercial, which was withdrawn by the company. The apology ahd read, “We apologise to Hindu community of Kutch on the shameful advertisement of Tanishq.”

Bihar Elections

On the upcoming Bihar elections, Shah said that Nitish Kumar will be the next chief minister of Bihar no matter which NDA constituent, the BJP or the JD(U), gets more seats, said Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday while predicting that the alliance will return to power with a two-thirds majority in the state.

He saids, “I have said this publicly as party chief. Nadda ji (JP Nadda, BJP national president) has also said this. So there are no two ways about it, no doubt about it. The elections are being fought in Bihar under the leadership of Shri Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi is the NDA’s tallest leader. Whatever rumours are being floated, I want to put a full stop to this. Nitish Kumar will be the next chief minister of Bihar,”

Source: Janata Ka Reporter


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