Peace Conference organized at Shah Meena Public School

Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh unit of Muslim Students Organization has organized Rahmate
Alam Conference at Shah Meena Public School, Madiyavan Village, Jankipuram, Lucknow. This conference was held under the patronage of Hazrat Maulana Imran Safavi Sahib Sajjadanasheen Khanqah Mehboobiya Shamshadia.

While the conference was presided over by Hazrat Maulana Abu Ashraf Zeeshan Sahib. Maulana Mazhar Ansari started the conference by the recitation of Quran and Naat Shareef and the students of the madrasa also presented their naat’s. While the main title was done by Hazrat Allama Amanullah Misbahi. He shed light on the important points of peace and the noble life of the Prophet Muhammad. He said that every aspect of Huzoor’ s life is unique and a beacon of guidance for the Ummah. It contains guidance for the Ummah. For the Prophet Muhammad when it was a time to drink milk during infancy, then even at such a young age, he preferred justice and only justice and took care of others more than himself. When Hazrat Halima offers milk from one side to the other side to huzoor then Huzoor does not accept it because it was the right of his brother who was still drinking milk.

The prophet was very much interested in collective work since childhood that when Bait Ullah Shareef was being formed, he was also carrying stones with the Quraysh of Mecca. And the shame is so much that when Hazrat Abbas, uncle of the Prophet Muhammad saw that he was carrying a stone on his bare shoulder, he opened the veil of Huzoor and placed it on his shoulder, because of this Huzur fell unconscious in shame and said, “Put my sheet on me.”



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