Pellet Victim Insha Mushtaq Loses Complete Eyesight

The 14-year-old girl from Kashmir’s Shopian, Insha Mushtaq, a victim who lost her eyes to the much debated pellet guns, will not be able to see again, her family was told by doctors at AIIMS, New Delhi on Wednesday.
Eye-specialists at the AIIMS have told Insha’s family that her pellet-hit eyes were ‘irreparable’ with no chances of any improvement.
With grave damages and loss of inevitably important source of eyesight, the government of India, is still confused and debating as to whether the use of Pellets should be banned or not.
“Earlier they used to say they will try to get back some vision in her left eye. Today they said it is not possible,” said Vakil Ahmed, Insha’s cousin who is attending to her at AIIMS along with her parents.
Vakil said Insha’s family has been exploring all options in the hope of bringing back some vision in her eyes. “We told the doctors that we will sell everything if vision in Insha’s one eye is restored. We will do anything and take her to even USA,” Vakil said.
However, the doctors have told the family that there was no surgery or procedure that could bring her vision back.
“They said if you take her to any hospital in the world, her eyes cannot be brought back,” Vakil said.
Insha had been admitted to the AIIMS on July 23 by the state government for specialized treatment and has been admitted there since.
While doctors at SMHS Hospital in Srinagar had maintained that Insha’s eye injuries were so grave that there was no possibility of any improvement in her vision with even surgeries, she was scooped by the government along with three more pellet victims and admitted at the AIIMS.
“The pellets have ruptured her right eye and it has come out. The left eye is lacerated with zero chance of recovery. She does not even have the perception of light in the eye she is left with,” doctors had told Greater Kashmir the day Insha was admitted to the SMHS Hospital.
Her family said at the AIIMS, doctors said a surgery was performed on Insha’s left eye. “There was no outcome of that,” they said.
Insha reportedly has also been operated upon for the multiple skull injuries that were caused by the pellets.  “They have done grafting on her forehead and told us that she would need to be in hospital for two more weeks,” her family said.
They said they are still waiting for a miracle. “We thought there is technology at AIIMS. But it seems there is none,” they said.
Insha is one of 27 people whose both eyes have been injured by pellets in the past 39 days of unrest in Kashmir following the killing of Burhan Muzaffar Wani, the young Hizbul Mujahideen commander.
She was hit by pellets when forces fired inside her house in Sedow, Shopian on the evening of July 12.


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