Peoples organization organized conference in solidarity with Palestine


New Delhi. In Solidarity with Palestinian People, Muslim Students Organization of India MSO, India Palestine Solidarity Forum (IPSF)  and Uniserve Knowledge Foundation (UKF) organized a conference against the colonial apartheid Zionist Israel on 24th Jan 2019 at Indian Social Institute Mew Delhi.

Speakers including MSO President Shujaat Ali Quadri expressed deep concern over the crimes committed by colonial Israeli forces in the Palestinian territories.

Speakers said we are of the view that by reiterating its earlier solidarity with Palestine, India has supported a cause of Humanity but to be really moral leader of the Third World and Non-Aligned Movement, It must raise a strong voice against the Israeli aggression.

We the Indian Peoples extend our solidarity to the courageous people of Palestine in their struggle, resistance, and intifada against the Zionist Israeli occupation and affirm our commitment to:

  • Palestinian Self-Determination
  • Ending the Occupation
  • Equal Rights for All within historic Palestine
  • The Right of Return for Palestinian refugees

We endorse the Cairo Declaration of 2010; the United Palestinian call of July 2005 for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) to compel Israel to comply with international law; the Palestinian Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI); and all other initiatives to end the occupation of Palestine.

We demand that the Israeli government immediately:

  • Protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque
  • Dismantle the Israeli Settlements, demolish the Apartheid Wall and remove all the check posts that have turned Palestine into the largest open air prison-cum-concentration camp for its inhabitants.
  • Stop targeted assassinations of the Palestinian leadership and the indiscriminate brutalization, torture, and killing of civilians
  • Release the more than 11,000 Palestinian men, women and children languishing in Israeli prisons.

 MSO, IPSF and UKF declare their full and unconditional support to our Palestinian brothers and sisters, and laud their brave resistance against the aggression of the Israeli oppressors.

MSO President Shujaat Quadri calls on the Indian government to take immediate measures to stop the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians, and the same time urges organization of Islamic conference (OIC), united nation and human right defenders to take their part in protecting the Al- Aqsa Mosque and supporting the Palestinian rights.

Others Speakers: Mr. Prashant Tandon (Senior Jounalist), Mr. Akhlaq Usmani (Middle East Expert), Shahid Pradhan (Renowned Peace Activist)


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