PoK be handed over to India

  • All India Tanzeem Ulamae Islam Programme against Terrorism
  • International Peace Conference of Sufis on February 24th at Ramleela Ground Delhi

New Delhi February 21st February. All India Tanjeem Ulama e Islam (AITUI), which represents Sufi Sunni Muslims of India Iis organizing a one day Conference of Ulamas of India who will deliberate on the problems of Indian Muslims and help in formulation of master plan gainst the spread of terrorism. AITUI made formal press staemnet that this conference aims to draw attention towards Radicalization of Muslims by extremists and enlightening general Muslims about the threat of Terorism. Official Spokesperson of AITUI Shujaat Ali Quadri told that in this important one-day international conference, the Ulema and Mufti will issue fatwa against terrorism.

Official Spokesperson of AITUI Shujaat Ali Quadri told that AITUI has approximately 10 Lakh members across India and it is an apex organization of Sufi Sunni Muslims of the country. Sufi Sunni Muslims of India are at cross roads today as it is under threat from extremist ideologies, which support terrorism and are misguiding Muslim youth across country. Press was also informed that the Ulamas present at the conference will draft a detailed  memorandum on gist of resolutions passed by the Ulamas atthe conference and a small delegation of Ulamas will go to the Prime Minister’s Office and Home Ministry to present the memorandum to the concerned Minister. According to Shujat, this conference has simple objective of enlightening Muslims about the threat of terrorism being propagated by radical groups and will address the issue of radicalization, Terrorism, communal and religious violence and the best ways to resolve these issue.

Quadri said that a resolution will be passed in the conference that it will be said that Pakistan occupied Kashmir be handed over to India.

Shujaat informed that Founder of AITUI Maulana Ashfaq Hussain Qadri will be the main speaker will air his views to the gathering at the conference. This Conference will be presided over by Professor Mohammed Amin Mian who is sajjada nashin i.e. head of Marahra Sharif

President of Raza Academy, who happens to be cheif guest of this Conference informed the press that this confernce will attempt to enlighten the public about the ways to counter the threat of Global terrorism.

Former national president of Muslim Students Organization of India, Sayyed Muhammad Qadri will tell how how young people of India can be prevented from going towards fanaticism, the Sufi curriculum should be included in the Islamic curriculum of India’s schools and recognized universities.

He praised the farsightedness of the religious leaders and activism of social workers who have taken it upon themselves to show light to Indian Public including Muslims about the religious sects or ideologies linked to terrorism and the impact of petro dollars.  He said that Indian Muslims want peace and Ulemas have a social obligation towards Indian Public to lead the fight against radicalization and show to the world that Islam is a religion of peace.

The Following prominet Ulema & scholars are likely to attend, Maulana Mannan Raza Khan of Dargaah Aalahazrat Bareilly Shareef, Maulana Saeed Noori of Raza Academy Mumbai,Syed Wahid Husain Chishti Gaddi Nasheen of Dargaah Ajmer Sharef, Mufti Abdul Sattar Razvi Jaipur, Syed Khaleel Bukhari and Sheikh Abu Baker Kerala, maulana Shahabuddin Rizvi, Syed Muhammed Quadri of Muslim Students Organization of India, Syed Mahmood Ashraf of Dargah Kichhawcha Sharef, Maulana Sageer Ahmed Razvi of AITUI, Maulana Yaseen Akhtar Misbahi of Darul Qalam and Haji Shah Muhammad Quadri of Jamia rabiya Basariya Delhi.


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