Praveen Togadia’s case reflects Rajasthan Police’s inefficiency


The case against Praveen Togadia regarding which two unarmed personnel of Rajasthan Police went to execute the arrest warrant against the VHP supremo in Ahmadabad has been closed by the court on request of the state government.

However, the controversy around Praveen Togadia going missing and alleging encounter was entirely avoidable and can be blamed on general incompetence and poor functioning of Rajasthan Police.

Rajasthan Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria has accepted goof-up in the case and felt that it needed to be inquired into.

PCC president Sachin Pilot has called it “a failure of the government.”

A case against Togadia was registered for violating Section 144 in 2002 when Congress government was in power. This is one of the lightest cases that a person like him can have against him. The BJP government in 2015 withdrew the case. For three years, the withdrawal order despite passing through the table of District Collector and Superintendent of Police remained buried somewhere.

This is despite the fact tremendous clout that Togadia had with most believing his proximity to ruling BJP until last week when he cried puncturing it all together.

Finally, on court’s orders, when arrest warrant was issued, nobody in police realized that who this person was, and nor the persons who handled it brought to the notice of higher-ups.

Police took it as a normal case and was never serious to arrest him, else it should have first enquired about his whereabouts and sent a bigger team to catch him.

In such a high profile case, police at times informally alert that person about an arrest warrant giving him the option to either come to court or face arrest.

After the entire drama, an embarrassed home department of the Rajasthan government issued a fresh order, rushed it to Gangapur City and put it before the court which accepted the closure. All of this was rushed through within three days.

“Imagine, if Togadia’s case is handled so casually with such callousness, how a common man is dealt with,” Pilot added.

Source: India Today


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