Rahul has four passports, his other name is Raul Vinci, says Swamy


New Delhi. Subramanian Swamy, one of the ruling party’s top MPs, who refuses to use the prefix “Chowkidaar” with his name unlike the other leaders, has always been in the news for making sensational claims about the Gandhi family. The leader known to stir controversies was at it once again in a recent event.

As per a DNA report, he backed his claims that Congress scion Rahul Gandhi holds four passports. He even said that Rahul holds one passport in the name of Raul Vinci and junked the Congress president’s claim that he has an MPhil degree since he allegedly failed in his Economics examination.

Going forward with his unabashed criticism of Rahul, Swamy said he doesn’t even know how to wear a sacred thread (janeu), which is a trademark of Brahmins. He also pointed out that Rahul wears the janeu over his clothes, which is not the correct way of wearing it.

The BJP leader further claimed that Rahul Gandhi is actually Christian (an allegation often levelled against Rahul’s sister Priyanka Gandhi). To back his statement, he said there is a chapel inside Rahul’s house, which is visited by a Malayali priest every Sunday to come and perform rites to atone his sins. While there is no way to empirically substantiate these claims, it didn’t deter Swamy from continuing with his scathing attacks.

When he was asked why no action has been taken against Rahul for carrying multiple passports, he said he has already written to the Ethics Committee of Parliament, but they are yet to initiate action.

He added, he has additionally written to the MHA and provided all the supporting documents



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