Rajasthan by-polls: Congress leads in Ajmer and Alwar Lok Sabha seats

The results of the bypolls in Rajasthan are to come today. Trend has started to come and according to the trend, the Congress has taken a good lead. In the Lok Sabha seats of Alwar and Ajmer, the Congress is leading by a huge margin. Though BJP has taken a lead in Mandalgarh assembly seat but trailing two Lok Sabha seats is a huge setback.

The Congress is leading by 30,559 votes in the Alwar Lok Sabha seat while the party has made a lead of 7585 votes in Ajmer’s Lok Sabha seat. These two seats were won by the BJP. If we see this trend more statistically, we will find that BJP is losing sheen and it is no more wave like it was in 2014. It also means that the 2019 Lok Sabha election is going to be difficult for the BJP.

Even in Gujarat the BJP has failed to get a bigger majority. It is important to note that Gujarat is the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah. Even though the BJP is getting some good news from Mandalgarh but Mandalgarh is just an assembly seat while BJP is trailing in both the Lok Sabha seats.


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