Rave party at BJP leader’s home, police arrested 8 girls and 25 men

Varanasi: Police have raided a house of the BJP leader where they arrested 25 youths and 8 women. At the Batra Banquet Hall,a nude dance party was going on under the guise of a birth-day party. Call girls were dancing at the rave party without clothes. The police raided the banquet hall along with the women constables in a systematic manner and arrested eight girls and 25 men.

In-charge of Bhilupur, Asheshnath Singh said that at around 10 in the night, they got the information that there wa a rave party going on in the name of birthday party. He said that all the accused have been brought to the police station.

The arrested youth told that the Rave Party was organized by Santosh Verma. Santosh is a resident of Thana Luxa. He called the girls for dance. Shortly after the party started, the police raided, which resulted in the crackdown.After the investigation, it was found that the building in which the party was going on was of a BJP leader. Police say that the BJP leader has given this propert to Batra Banquet Hall.


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